Enrich Your Videos with Better Cross Platform Transactions

Videos are not just about views, it is all about what you want the videos to do for your brand. Viewbix helps bring interaction to videos by creating a layer above your video for better reach which in turn to lead to better business. We were able to catch up with Jonathan Stefansky from Israel and talk about his web app that hopes to increase you engagement and help your conversions.

Transforming the Passive Video Experience

"The web is transforming to video...we see a real missing need...(views) doesn't translate in terms of helping your business"

"we do this in a very easy way...with no technical no how"

"we have transformed this passive video experience...and allow people to fully engage with the video where-ever they are viewing the video"

Viewbix allows you to create a custom player in a few minutes. The step-by-step process makes it very friendly. The basic version limits you to 2500 impressions(page loads) per month but also has a simple analytic page to track impressions for your videos. Viewbix has four paid membership levels which allows more impressions per month and more apps to be added to your viewbix player. Viewbix supports YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo Pro as well as self-hosted videos. 

SocialGreg's Uptake: Press the "Easy" Button

As you see from the videos above the top one is the vanilla YouTube Video and the bottom one is the viewbix video player. The viewbix video player wrapper provides a nice clean look. The viewbix player above was the free version but with the paid version it allows much more logo branding, social network contact, add a location, contact on Skype and many more. The version shown above was created in five minutes. This could be a boon for e-tailers looking to get more reach through videos. Give them a test drive.


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