SF Japan Night 5 Summary

We attended the 5th SF Japan Night by btrax on March 5. Six great startups from Japan presented and gave us a glimpse of what Japanese startups are all about. Learning seemed to be the hot button. ShareWis took top honors as people's choice and Judge's choice at this event. ShareWis is a free "causual learning experience" as described on their website. ShareWis let's visually tracks you learning via a  concept map or knowledge map and allows you to add to the learning community with your own video lectures. You can go from subject to subject and each lecture is free. Check it out.

 Here is a quick synopsis on each presenter at SF Japan Night.

Satoshi Sugie, CEO
WHILL is next generation personal mobility that transforms the design and performance of existing mobility scooters and wheelchairs. WHILL can adapt to a wide range of mobility needs: from general adults to those with mild disabilities. You can use it standing or sitting down. WHILL Type A will expand your life horizon.
Daisuke Hiraishi, CEO
UI Scope
InnoBeta Inc.
UIscope is a remote usability testing service for mobile apps and websites. Developers can easily see how users interact with their service. We provide a special webcam for our panels to take video of how they behave with apps or websites. We also have a method to analyze these videos using our panels and build a unique database of mobile usability. What we are trying to do is collect many practices and analyze them to find out the best way to build the service, which so far, only human knowhow has been capable of.

Tomoki Tsujikawa, CEO
Share Wis
ShareWis Inc.
ShareWis turns Learning into an Adventure. Learning is a life-long journey. Yes, that’s true. However, unfortunately, many people lose their way during the journey because there is no visible progress in learning. ShareWis visualizes even the smallest effort to learn something on a Knowledge Map, a network of short lectures using YouTube video and some brief quizzes. The lectures on the Knowledge Map are connected with each other. Since the color of the lecture changes after you complete it, you can visualize your learning steps on the map. Let’s go on a learning journey with ShareWis!

Hisae Serizawa
Dentsu Inc.
grafic is an easily designable blog that stimulates your creativity. From a stylish cafe found on the streets to your favorite fashion, even memories of your trip with your love. With the feelings of a designer, you can freely express your thoughts and thrills that cannot be shown just with tweets or photos. The operations are sensuous and simple. You can trim, expand, and shrink photos as well as move stamps with the touch of a finger. Make everyday moments a masterpiece of your lifetime. grafic will assure a new sensation.

Keisuke Shibata, CEO
PurpleCow Inc.
“designclue” is a Japanese, design-specified and “Multi Language oriented” crowdsourcing platform. Through which you can post your contest by using only YOUR own language, and the contractors from all over the world will read it in HIS/HER language and join in. The “Non-Verbal oriented UI is the core competence of our service. The philosophy of “Talk in Design” makes us enable to connect so much variety of countries, so that clients will benefit from the diversity of the worlds 7 billion population. Since September 2012, the site has started its Closed Beta and acquired top-level designers from 52 countries.

Yuki Ishikawa, CEO
Comobaco Inc.
Comobaco allows you and your friends to create a pool of shared items both on the web and in real life. With this service, you are able to share the things you own with anyone who joins your sharing pool. You can also pitch in together with your friends to buy new items. Comobaco provides users with a brand new way to buy and to own.


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