Ringya Helps Manage Contacts Via Rings of People

Having a hard time keeping up with contacts. How about having your friends and colleagues help you manage those contacts? That's what Ringya brings to the contact party. Ringya is an app that helps your create and manage groups of contacts for better contact management and collaboration using a combination of technology and "friend sourcing." We were happy to chat with Gal Nachum, CEO of Ringya. Gal discusses Ringya's concept of contact management and also gives some advice to entrepreneurs.

Managing Your Contacts by Context

"...realize managing contacts that you, I and people are struggling with"

"We need context...it is very hard for us human beings to remember things by name"

"Collaboration of managing contacts is a tricky thing...spreading the managing contact over circles of trust"

Ringya provides a framework of groups or "rings" that allow you to group and manage contact groups to maintain and communicate very easily. You share contacts with a given ring of people and as soon as those people accept the invite, they can add to the rings of friends and even update a contact and that update will automatically. The rings are managed by context or the connection between you and the group. Adding to the contact list is easy as it can be a scan of multiple cards, manual entry or added by your ring of friends.

SocialGreg's Uptake

Ringya is an interesting concept. As your contact list grows, managing it becomes impossible. Having people automatically update your contacts is just so easy. I like the idea of "friend-soucing" the management of contacts. Context is an easy way to keep track of contacts as well. Gal gives some advice to entrepreneurs as he is a serial entrepreneur - Ringya is his 5th startup. Ringya is available on iPhone and Android.


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