Network Automation Makes IT Life Simpler with AutoMate 10

In June of this year, we interviewed Dustin Snell, CEO of Network Automation, on tips on automating business processes using their AutoMate product. This month, Network Automation, announced a new genesis of AutoMate called AutoMate 10. In this interview, Dustin talks about the new features of Automate 10 and how Network Automation's new features addressed the new needs of today's IT professional, namely helping them get from "inception to production."

"We are very excited about this release, it is a release that is a milestone release, we have gone through the entire software and modernized the User Interface to make it easy to navigate, aesthetically pleasing and better organized"

"I think every now and then it is good to step back and not just do the same thing because of inertia. It is important to say (to yourselves) if we were building the same software from scratch, how would you do things better"

"we are seeing a revolution in software right now, I think a lot of it started with apps on an iPad and the phones but also web design. Enterprise apps especially windows enterprise apps are late to the game but also we think that interface design is critical not only from an esthetic perspective but help you navigate the software to get from inception to production."

SocialGreg's Uptake

What Network Automation has done is incredible and at the same time risky. They have a great, loyal customer base but releasing a new version with a new UI and features can affect usability which can kill companies. Dustin feels they did the right things over two years of AutoMate 10 development -- get customer feedback on the new features, entered into a private beta and had an "A-team" handle the first implementations.  But, risk has its rewards and allowing a social interface, native .pdf actions and  PowerShell actions in AutoMate 10 will make their users very happy. Sound like Dustin and his team listened to the "Voice of the Customer."

You can find Network Automation here at Follow them on Twitter or like them on Facebook. You can catch Dustin at @DustinSnell on twitter.


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