Startup Blog Insights with Taffy Williams: Six Failure Lessons

Today, we will be continuing our monthly segment called Startup Blog Insights with Examiner writer and entrepreneur, Taffy Williams, who is the co-founder & CEO of Colonial TDC. Colonial TDC offers a professional team of scientific and business experts to build and grow medical and technology companies. Taffy also writes for the Small Business section of the with his own personal advice based on his personal insights and he has his own blog called Startup Blog

He has some great stories for the years of experience that he shares in his blog. This month we are focusing on an article that was released on October 4 on called ”6 Considerations to remember about failure” in light of a local favorite conference called FailCon which focuses on entrepreneurial failure and how to learn from it.

Some memorable quotes from the interview:

"In business, you can have a different types of failure, you can have failure of your technology, you can have a commercial failure, you can have a regulatory failure, you can have a failure of your management, the company can fail, a deal can fall through, failure happens so the first thing you have to understand that you are not the only one. Figure out how to get beyond it and move on"

"Fear of Failure is a significant concern (for most of us)...Fear of the unknown, the risk and the uncertainties can taint your judgement"

"The inability to make a decision cuts your timeliness and ability to move rapidly and to capitalize on what small companies have - which is speed"

"Fix the problem and not the blame"

"The more times you fail and survive, the more you realize that failure isn't the end of the world"


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