Increasing Email Productivity Via the Cloud

How do you make your email work better? We interview Eliot Sun, CEO of kloudless, whose browser plug-in for Chrome and Firefox allows you to seamlessly drive data from email to your cloud storage. Watch or listen as Eliot talks about kloudless, the issues surrounding productivity across apps and the integration of work environments. 

Enabling Cloud-based and Mobile-based Work Environments

"We decided instead of killing it(email), we decided to upgrade it with things happening in the cloud"

"Our greater mission is to move across a greater number of platforms, not just cloud storage but CRM tools, enterprise tools, social tools, project management tools, etc."

"A really example of this pain, if you are on an iPhone today and you are using a whole bunch of apps for productivity, it is really hard to move data from one app into another app and work really seamlessly from one app to another"

SocialGreg's Uptake

Eliot is just right about the app environment. We have so many apps that integration between apps is important for better connectivity between work environments which means more productivity. What causes this issue? Companies are entities that don't see collaboration as a natural business environment - a turf thing. So, enter companies like kloudless that "glue" app work environments together to make our lives better. They are backed by Tim Draper of DFJ and David Sachs of Yammer fame. Not a bad financial / advisory resume. Kloudless is available on Chrome and Firefox.


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