Today's On-line Instruction Exemplifies the DIY in All of Us

Who likes Raise hands. We got re-acquainted recently when they opened their vault in November for a taste test. We had a chance to talk to one of their "content producers" - Nick Brazzi. Nick describes how online instruction has evolved and how has evolved with it. Check out Nick's thoughts on today's online video instruction.

Mobile Devices Enable Second Screen Learning

"Working at lynda is an awesome outlet for crafting great training for helping people learn what they need to learn"

"it all started with lynda(Weinman) teaching courses in a classroom...the internet kickstarts everything and it all became video distributed on the web"

"I definitely enjoy consuming lynda courses on the iPad the most. We have got this awesome iPad app and what's great about that is that I can work on my computer and build the project that I am building and don't have to multitask and switch to that application and switch back."

"we are all about helping people improve their knowledge"

SocialGreg's Uptake

With so much information on the web, it is hard to believe companies like has survived the noise. Their value is in quality content and the authors they select who are considered experts in their field. The second screen is your friend here as well. Their iOS app and Android app enables that option for you so you can multitask to your hearts content. You can even download it locally to your tablet. Now, you do need a membership though. Check them out and see what you think. Your company or school may even have a site license so ask around. Give us your feedback and give them your feedback about their service.


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