Thoughts on Wearables and Connectivity

At Broadcom's #GeekPeek13, we were able to "stalk" some impressions of how wearables and other devices need to interact with us moving into the future. A subject called connectivity. Liberty Madison (aka ThatTechGirl) and Greg Viloria (SocialGreg) talk with Eric Migicovsky of Pebble (Wearables), Robert Acker of Harman (Car Connectivity), and  Zak Murase (Investor) about their thoughts on device connectivity from their vantage points. Check them out below!

An Investors Perspective

Our SocialGreg talks with Zak Murase about wearables and connectivity from a VC's perspective.

A Wearable Startup Perspective

Our Liberty Madison talks with Eric Migicovsky about how wearables should interact with people.

A Car Perspective

Our Liberty Madison interviews Robert Ackman of Harmon on car and device connectivity.

 SocialGreg's Uptake 

Where wearables failed in the beginning was to be a device that stood alone - another device we had to manage. What makes sense is the wearable as an extension of your smartphone. These devices need to enhance and simplify our lives. Pebble, Misfit Shine, and Hot SmartWatch does that arguably. The heavy-lifting is in the plumbing to do that - chips. I think Broadcom and other chip manufacturers are starting to see a market beyond smartphones, tablets and laptops but how these devices connect with your media environment, whether it is your car, home or office, is the future. There is still a long way to go with car communication standards and the automobile's industry of closed, proprietary architectures but with Bluetooth and Wireless at maturity, the devices are ready to expand on that.


Unknown said…
My interview video is not live yet.. or was forgotten.
SocialGreg said…
Hi Ryan, your company has asked to take it down...sorry.

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