3D Virtual Try-On Technology Comes to the Glasses On-line Shopping Experience

Love the convenience of on-line shopping but just not sure about the fit of the item? DITTO may have a solution for you when it comes to glasses.  DITTO makes buying glasses online easy by giving you a comprehensive selection of designer glasses and using their patent-pending proprietary technology to virtually try on glasses in 180 degree views and see which pair looks best on you. Very cool. We talk with Kate Doerksen, CEO of DITTO on how her e-commerce site for glasses is disrupting this area.

3D Virtual Try-On Technology

"The coolest part of our website is the ability to create your "Ditto" which is what we call a video of your face from your webcam where you are slowly turning from side to side like you are looking into a mirror and we "augment" the glasses onto your face through your video feed, scaled properly where it looks like you are wearing them"

"We have had over 150,000 people come on the site and create Dittos"

"We ended up taking a venture round from August capital and I specifically remember Howard Hartenbaum, who sits on our board, ask me if push came to shove could you fire him(Kate's father) and I looked him straight in the eye 'if it's not working, I could fire him' and he said 'that's good enough for me' "

Social Greg's Uptake

3D Augmented Reality Mirror technology really gets a nod here when it comes to something that traditionally has been cornered by the optometrist's office. For most, the hours aren't convenient or sometimes a not so great experience and it is time consuming. The fact that you can take a 180 degree view is just amazing.  Most of the other 3D AR mirror technologies, like Holition's Uniqlo Magic Mirror addresses look but fit is another issue. For glasses, it is a must. Glad Kate and her team has brought this technology to the glasses world. 

For more information, catch DITTO at www.ditto.com.


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