Inside the UX Changes

We Go Inside Bitly's Latest Update

We dive into the changes in the UX

Good job! In case you didn't know, the bitly UX upgrade has been out for almost a month and we just got ours. Very clean design and simple. We gave it our typical Nerd Stalker unboxing. 

When you launch your personal the dashboard shows your last 30 days of engagement with the link shortener. If you use a partner site, like Buffer, those links will also show. A numeric summary of Total Clicks, Top Channel and Top Location by clicks are shown. What made me curious was "Dark Traffic". Dark Traffic is not illegal or seedy.  Dark Traffic is "social sharing that comes from outside sources that web analytics tools are not able to track" as coined by Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic. According to Bitly, "Globally, 70% of all online referrals come from dark social."

When you click the radio button for "Top Performing", you see the top performing links come up and a 30 day summary of links by Channel. In the above example, Dark Traffic, Twitter and Other are listed when you press the "Channels" box. This shows you how your channels are performing in terms of overall clicks. You can also look at the individual links to see how they performed. 

Clicking the radio button for "location" gives you the top three popular clicks by location. 

You can also collapse the upper graph to see more of your individual data.

We like the color contrast of the graphs. Very easy to read. Check out their blog, they went grid style and it is easy to view.  Overall, we like the changes where bitly kept the simplicity with adding some more analytical features. 


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