Startup Blog Insights - 4 Ways to Reduce Tunnel Vision

Entrepreneur Taffy Williams Discusses Four Ways to Reduce a Leader's Tunnel Vision 

We go in-depth on Taffy's Startup Blog
Picture by Taffy Williams
This month, we talk in depth with entrepreneur and author, Taffy Williams on "4 Ways To Reduce Tunnel Vision" based on the same article he wrote for his blog - Startup Blog. Taffy draws on his years of experience(aka bumps and bruises) to discuss the four ways entrepreneurs and startup CEOs can make better decisions on product development. Check it out.

"As the person running the company, going out talking to investors, we say we are going to do A,B,C and D and then you come back to the team and they say 'no we are not' and they have reasons for that...we are so focused on the goals we set that we forget to get their(team) input"


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