5 Things to See On Day One of IoT Tech Expo

We look forward to some things to see at IoT Tech Expo

We pick 5 things to see on Day 1 of the 2016 IoT Tech Expo North America
Photo courtesy of IoT Tech Exposition
Next week, the IoT Tech Expo comes to Silicon Valley for two days from October 20-21. Here are some of our must sees at the conference.
October 20 - Connected Services Track 
12:00 PM
Case Study: Softbank Robotics 
Steve Carlin, VP Marketing & Business Development at SoftBank Robotics

Mention the name of SoftBank to anyone working in the IoT space, and Pepper the company’s humanoid robot which has graduated from the company’s headquarters to working in various industries. The opportunities are seemingly limitless: in Japan, Pepper is being used by Nescafe to offer recommendations for coffee machines, while Nissan is employing the robot to attract more customers to their showrooms and Carrefoure, a European retail chain, is using Pepper to offer recommendations on wine, books, and recipes. This is your chance to listen to Steve Carlin of SoftBank Robotics who will share the latest status of Pepper and what it's next steps will be in the retail realm.

October 20 - IoT Innovations Track 
2:00 PM

BeeHex 3D Food Printing in Actio

BeeHex 3D Pizza Printer (photo courtesy of BeeHex)
NASA backed startup, BeeHex, has developed a 3D food printer which makes everyone's favorite -- pizza. This 3D food printers, the printer creates the dough, sauce and cheese combination out of edible ink. Check them out at the Innovations Track. 

October 20 - The Big IoT Meetup
Starts 4:00 PM Ends 7:00 PM

The IoT Meetup @ IoT Tech Expo will allow the general IoT community to share, network and participate in this year’s IoT Tech Expo. Check it out some meetup opportunities below.

4:00 PM IoT Industrial Internet Bay Area - Industrial Digital Thread for Big Machines 

4:40 PM Silicon Valley IoT & Wearables Devices - Crowdsourcing: a conversation with the key players in the startup space on what makes for winning campaigns 

5:20 PM IoT Central - The connected car 

6:00 PM Contactless technologies & innovation - IoT and NFC, how does that work?

6:30 PM  IoT Inc - Value creation with industrial IoT

October 20 - Connected Services Track
4:00 PM

Health IoT Innovation - The Accordion Model of Learning in IoT Design
John Mattison, MD, Assistant Mediac Director, Chief Medical Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente

Health industry is one of the top enablers for IoT today. According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, the market for connected healthcare will grow to $61 billion by 2020. In his keynote Dr. Mattison will discuss:

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities for a mature IOT in healthcare?
  • What might a mature IOT infrastructure, analytics and network topology look like?
  • How does an architectural design enable more rapid cycles of learning and innovation?
  • Where are the key prerequisites for interoperability?

October 20 -  Smart Cities Track 
10:20 AM
Smart Cities on the move - Panel
Moderated by Alex Glaser, Director of Development, Harbor Research

To some, smart cities are the key to enabling IoT for the common person.  This panel will cover the following
  • Discussing smart city development in the US and beyond. 
  • What are different global initiatives and how does it help the digital transformation between and within cities? 
  • Exploring common set standards and principles
  • To what extend can new technologies help address socioeconomic and environmental challenges?
  • What are the challenges of adopting new technologies from local to national networks and beyond? Discussing relevant rules, regulations and policies in place
  • Exploring technologies, ecosystems and toolkits available for open and smart cities
  • Monetization strategies for smart cities
The panel includes:
Sergio Fernández de Córdova, Co-Founder P3GM, UN-ECE BAB / Expert, PPP for Smart Cities, Policy and Best Practices & UNDP SDG-FUND, United National Development Programme
Nuray Gokalp, Information Technology Manager, City of Amsterdam
Renato de Castro, International Advisor, Wego - The World e-Governments Organization
Jonathan Reichental, Chief Information Officer, City of Palo Alto

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