Don't Forget LinkedIn Learning is Free This Week

Be Somebody New: LinkedIn Learning Opens Up their Courses for 1 week

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn Learning

On LinkedIn's blog there is a quote "Learning means growing." Here's your chance to grow. LinkedIn announced last Friday that they are opening their coffers for one week to show you the breadth of LinkedIn Learning. On September 22, LinkedIn announced they finally pulled the library of online training courses into its main service., now LinkedIn Studios, is still based in Carpenteria and still going strong. 

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn

LinkedIn Learning is available to all of LinkedIn’s premium subscribers. But honestly a lot of this came from the merger and now the strategy of the acquisition is coming to bear the fruit. In the past, was always opening up their treasure trove as a way to build their user base. Now you can benefit from LinkedIn's strategy of building the foundation for Education 4.0.Check it out here.


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