Sprint Introduces Your Own Personal Cellular Tower

Sprint Increases Data Rates Within the Home by 200X with Magic Box

Sprint, owned by Japan's Softbank, has introduced a personal home cell tower called Magic Box. The box, conceived by Softbank Chairman, Masayoshi Son, is an indoor, self-configuring LTE small cell  and is free to qualifying customers and requires zero implementation, labor, or rental costs. Sounds intriguing? Sprint's Magic Box hopes to eliminate dead spots in your home compared to traditional Wi-Fi with this new box. The Magic Box has been tested in urban markets like  such as Denver, San Francisco, Indianapolis, New York, Chicago, and Houston. 

It is not a Repeater

The Sprint press release states "Sprint Magic Box is not like a simple repeater. A repeater simply amplifies the signals of macro towers, along with all the noise and imperfections, and runs the risk of degrading the overall user experience. The Sprint Magic Box, on the other hand, uses dedicated 2.5 GHz channels to reduce noise and interference, and thereby improves the efficiency of the Sprint network. "

Many outlets claims that the Magic Box is shoe box size. Unless you are Shaq or the Star Wars wookie, this is not shoe box size. Also, this unit is required to be placed by the window to take advantage of the nearest Sprint cell tower which may disrupt the Feug-Shui esthetics of your space. This play seems to position themselves for the upcoming 5G expansion but using the customers to be the cell towers. They are taking pre-orders now and is "free" to "eligible customers."

Check out the video below for more information.

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