CA Drone Speed Challenge - It's Kinda Cool

Our Crew Gets Behind the Scenes look at Drone Racing

Photo Courtesy of Comcast & Beck Diefenbach

Have you checked out drone racing? It isn't new but it isn't quite mainstream yet. We were invited to get a behind the scenes look at drone racing. It actually was amazing. The feel of the event was what we can describe as somewhat Maker Faire, SF Tech Event and NASCAR rolled into one. Why Maker Faire? All drones are custom made by each "drone pilot" and tweked in between the races in the netted pit area. Why SF Tech Event? If you have ever gone to a SF tech event , it is has an organic, underground feel to it. People in the "know" network. People on the outside try to get inside for connections. Why NASCAR? There is starting to be some sizable purse money at stake and all the racers we talked to are full time racers. At the CA Drone Speed Challenge, $10,000 was up for grabs with an inside course laid out at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. 

Check out our event report from our Producer, Greg Viloria aka Social Greg.

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