Humpday Must Watch - Six Female Entrepreneurs Talk About the Valley's Bro Culture

NBC Megyn Kelly Sits Down with Six Female Entrepreneurs Who Talk about Sexual Harassment in the Tech Industry

Photo Courtesy of NBC News’ “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”

In NBC's recent “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly,” Kelly sat down with six female entrepreneurs who shared their stories for the first time on national television about sexual harassment by venture capitalists in the tech industry. Her show is not making strides against CBS's stalwart "60 Minutes" in the same time slot but this episode was interesting to watch.  Here are some quotes from the show.

Wethos CEO Rachel Renock told Kelly, “To walk into a pitch or a room just to get hit on is devastating to a certain extent. And to experience that over and over and over again-- can really take a toll, an emotional toll.” 

Recode's Executive Editor Kara Swisher told Kelly when asked about the valley's "bro" culture, Swisher said "It sounds like a fraternity, it sounds like idiotic juvenile behavior and that’s all part of it. ‘We’re just boys having fun’ and being toxic at the same time.” Check out the segment below.

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