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Study Find Hybrids Quickly Pay For Themselves

A new study by Edmunds.Com finds that some hybrid cars will pay for themselves in 2 years, because high gas prices and tax credits from the U.S. government on the more fuel efficient vehicles. The cost is even more quickly recovered when hybrids are compared to less efficient cars. Also, the study assumes that gas prices will remain at $3 per gallon in the coming years. Edmunds says the average hybrid car costs $1,200 and $7,000 more than traditional versions of the same vehicles. The shift is significant because analysts have said that higher sticker prices were constraining hybrid sales. Hybrids currently account for 1 percent of new car sales in the United States. The consumer-focused Web site said that assuming vehicles were driven 15,000 miles per year and gas was priced at $3 per gallon, owners of the Toyota Prius and Ford Motor's Escape Hybrid would break even within three years. Buyers of the Saturn Vue Green Line from General Motors, the Toyota Camry and the Civic Hybrid f

Vista now works with Boot Camp 1.1

The new Vista Pre-RC1 build (5536) works now on Intel Macs. The installation procedure is the same as with Windows XP SP2. The only down side is that not all the drivers provided in Boot Camp will work under Vista; the iSight and the Apple... read more

Horse Play

Cloth-bound, gilt-edged and printed on matte paper, the new book called Horse Play tells the story of S treethorsing —the sport of riding horses in cities—with the highest of production values. Whether or not the obscure subculture actually exists, the tome is filled with unbelievable photos of horses doing skateboard-like tricks off railings and over barriers (challenging pro photoshop-spotters) and interspersed with snaps of minor celebs (who also happen to be spokespeople for the book's sponsor, WESC), like Jerry Hsu, Steve Aoki, Mark "Cobrasnake" Hunter, Stretch Armstrong, and Jason Lee.

Flash Mob Flash Mobile Movie

This Friday 8/25 the MobMov crew will be having a flash mob drive in, the movie of the night is "The Rage In Placid Lake".

This Next

Looks like This Next has finally come out of beta, a very cool web 2.0 product recommendation site. You can see others product recommendations and compile your own, for example check out mine . They even have something called Shopcasting, look I'm butchering the explaination of this whole thing so just go check it out cause I say so.

Once again FU ATT

So today I finally cancelled the robbery that is ATT dsl or some of you know it as sbc yahoo dsl. See the thing is that they have this lame ass policy of f'ing you after your 12 month contract is up they auto jack up the price to roughly $50/month. Imagine that going from $15/month to $50, not sure about you but thats just lame ass business. So of course I went with a way way way better provider in SONIC.NET they gave me a bitching deal of $12 bucks a month as I previously posted. The best part was when ATT asked me if I would stay with them if they dropped the price to $15/month then I got to tell them that I got a deal for $12/month and they can shove off.


I loved the band FEAR, unfortunately I didn't realize they were right about everything .

Prebuilt MythTV-based Media Center PCs

Monolith is selling prebuilt HTPCs with MythTV on top of Ubuntu. Also includes a remote, IRBlaster, and are customizable. read more

Why your IT Department Hate Macs.

The answer is: they don't. Corporations avoid Mac's not because they are hopelessly naive but for legitimate business reasons including volume discounts offered by PC makers, the need for standardization and expense of retraining the workforce. So don't blame your IT guru for corporate anti-mac policies, he's just following orders from the man. read more

giving sbc the finger

So i've finally got off my arse and switch from my highly inflated dsl monthly fee to a really great deal from I'd much rather support a local isp than SBC/ATT, i'm only paying 12 bucks a month for a good speed, if you want to give em a go click here .

Save PBS and NPR

House Republicans just voted to slash funding for NPR and PBS this year--and eliminate funding altogether in two years. We stopped them last year. We can stop them again. Sign the petition to Congress opposing these massive cuts to public broadcasting.

mac users why pay for office?

I just dont understand why anyone would pay for Microsoft Office when you get the same thing for FREE. On my windows and ubuntu box I use OpenOffice and it kicks much ass. On mac there is NeoOffice that was programmed NATIVE for mac dont lose money be smart and use it.

Panda Dog

Poor Thing A Panda Dog
Bush Vs Bush Freaking halarious and telling.

The Best Bay Area Band is Back!

Just in time to help me cope with the breaking up of Grandaddy, who comes back from the dead but OVERWHELMING COLORFAST . One of the most underrated bands to come from the bowels of Antioch (No idea why allmusic thinks Antioch is part of San Diego ha!). OC plays a melodic heavy super loud guitar style of music, and it doesn't hurt that singer songwriter Bob is a musical genius. Looks like i missed the reunion show 8/10/06 but look out for them coming to a town near you soon.

DeviantArt Version 5 Live! Finally

After almost a full 24 hours in delays, the webs most popular art community, DeviantArt, has got version 5 up and running! read more

No installation online poker!

Pitbull Poker offers a flash full online poker experience, I saw some guy playing it at one of the sf poker meetups. It was pretty sweet, no install means it works on any operating system. Yes that means Linux, Mac, or Windows. Plus I hear there's alot of fish there.

Zune already shedding features... is this Vista all over again?

Microsoft is delaying the video capabilities of its its Zune player, and it's not even released yet. Are there parallels here with Vista? Why don't they take a leaf out of Apple's book, and leak nothing until the product is ready to ship? read more

Small quake just hit us 4.7 ish

Everything shook here in the loft in SF real quck. Read More

The Folding Bicycle Steps Forward

Folding bicycles seem to be gaining popularity of late. The added versatility of putting your bike in the trunk of your car, carrying it on the train during rush hour, or just storing it in your ultra-efficient apartment seems to be more appealing than ever. The technology and aesthetics too seem to have leaped forward. I remember the Dahon my fath read more

THE worst educational recruitment video ever!

From Boing Boing: "Unfortunately, this is not a joke...and this is not an old video. Appalachian State University put out this video last year and it instantly became a viral hit amongst the educational community. It's probably THE worst educational recruitment video ever and possibly one of the worst songs ever recorded." read more

Waraku and Namitatsu

I stumbled upon Waraku and it instantly became my new favorite store in LA. Sneakers and T-shirts are imported directly from Japan with a focus on brands and styles not typically available in the US. I was able to grab a pair of Nike Sabaku slip-ons (below, left) and also learned about Namitatsu, the Japanese surf brand. Namitatsu, which translates to "wave master," is a line of t-shirts and sneakers featuring modern interpretations of traditional Japanese imagery. The most exciting of which are Yakuza surfers with Irezumi style full body tattoos designed by artist Hideo Takeda. Canvas slip-ons, lace-ups and high tops have these designs screened on to them. The Namitatsu site only seems to have t-shirts on it, but Waraku's online store has several styles for men and women.