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World Backup Day - Interview with CEO of Backblaze

Download MP3 Adolfo Foronda of Nerd Stalker interviews Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman. Backblaze announced it is leading the charge in supporting World Backup Day on March 31st as the Presenting Sponsor of this seminal backup event. As an online backup service provider, Backblaze offers unlimited online backup for $5 per month per computer including their “Locate My Lost Computer” feature. The Backblaze sponsorship will help enable the World Backup Day message to reach millions of people worldwide, reminding them to backup the photos, videos, files and memories stored on their desktops, laptops, and external drives.

Math and WTF is a UDID - Nerd Stalker Tech Week

Download MP3 It took iOS 5.1 just 15 days to match the adoption rate of the most widely deployed Android OS.  New Facebook – Interpretation for Brands via @SocialSteve  Amid Privacy Concerns, Apple Has Started Rejecting Apps That Access UDIDs  Apple, Amazon, Google or Comcast -- Who Will 'Win' TV 2.0?  Blip sheds partners: No money in Smart TV  Speed round, what our community is talking about and wants to hear about: Happy Sixth Birthday, Twitter  Pair Is A Path For The Two Of Us  Google Voice VM now part of Android’s phone app or Sorry carriers, 9 out of 10 tablets sold are Wi-Fi  Microsoft Censors Pirate Bay Links in Windows Live Messenger Social Greg’s Drippler Tip of the Week: How to Transfer All Data from Old iPad / iPad 2 to New iPad 3! Adolfo’s Tip of th

Nerd Stalker iPhone App Review: KAYAC's MusicParty

Japanese mobiles apps are interesting. We found this iPhone app to be a very fresh departure from the others. MusicParty is a unique iPhone app which allows a user to share their iTunes mobile music with up to four of their friends. This iPhone app uses wireless or bluetooth to share music. To use this app, the user will create a “Party” and phones that have that app loaded and active can see the “Party” and request music to be played on the user’s iPhone. The user who created the “Party” can select which music will be played on their phone. We tried this app with bluetooth sharing of five iPhones and it does work. Any local song on the users iPhone can be shared with the "Party" creator's iPhone as long as that app is active and the others join the "Party." Bluetooth is limited to around 15-20ft in our test. So, being in a car, small room, bluetooth will work. In our test of wireless, it can be much further. At a big event, this will be helpful. We als

Amazon Milks the iPad and more - Tech Week News

Download MP3 Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) Weekly Picks for the Nerd Stalker Techweek Podcast: iPad 3 review Amazon’s brilliant plan to pay you crazy money for your iPad 2 Twitter Buys Posterous (So You’d Better Move Your Content To Tumblr ASAP) Google Acquires Mission Startup That “Accomplished Nothing” Yahoo Sues Facebook Over Patents Related to Advertising Google Plus: The problem isn’t design, it’s a lack of demand Speed round, what our community is talking about and wants to hear about: Airline Passengers Given iPads To Stream In-Flight Entertainment After 244 Years, Encyclopaedia Britannica Stops the Presses Siri reportedly struggles in its Japanese debut Microsoft: No new Xbox hardware this year Social Greg’s Tip of the Week: Transfer files inside Facebook, thanks to Pipe bi

iPad 3 Unboxing


SF Javascript Meetup Review

listen to ‘Review of the SF JavaScript Meetup. ’ on Audioboo From the JS Meetup site: "GSN Games is the #7 game developer on Facebook with over 6 million monthly active users and the Games application is amongst the top 15 games on Facebook. With offices in San Francisco and Washington DC, GSN Games is a growing start-up team within GSN (Game Show Network), which is owned by DIRECTV and Sony Pictures Entertainment. GSN Games is hiring the best engineers and game producers in the industry. Think you've got what it takes to join the team? Check out the current list of jobs openings here: Hosted by R/GA [jobs page] Matt Harrington will present Developing Windows 8 Applications with JavaScript Windows 8 applications can be built with JavaScript and HTML5. These applications can access a device’s sensors such as the GPS and accelerometer, as well as other devices such as a webcam and microphone. Client side libraries such as jQuery can be

Nerd Stalker Interview - Matan Talmi of Drippler

In this podcast, Greg Viloria aka @SocialGreg, interviews Matan Talmi, CEO and Co-Founder of Drippler. Drippler is a device curation source focussing on the devices that you want to read about. Matan discusses Israeli Start-ups, entrepreneurship and his curation service - Drippler .

How the Japanese Companies Marketed at SxSW

What Americans think of Japanese culture is quite interesting. From Sumo wrestlers, Sony Playstations and Samurais, our view of the Japanese come from books, games and movies . So, the on flip side, it is interesting to see how the Japanese App makers want to market themselves here in the US. Texas Rangers pitcher, Yu Darvish , wasn't the only Japanese to make a splash in Texas in 2012. The Japanese area in Exhibition Hall 4 was the talk of the 2012 SxSW show as they were showcased in a group of 20 companies a few weeks ago. Some of the notable companies include: ringreef , mashroom , beatrobo , , beautecam , Pico Tube , zakuri, KAYAC , Pitapat , Palmu . Many used popular icons in Japanese pop culture costumes and characters like geishas, maid, and Hatsune-Miku to help bring attention to their booth. One of the most interesting was KAYAC. To market the Photobag app, KAYAC's geisha or Kabuki actor took a picture of a SxSW attendee and gave it to a Manga artist. The M

Did You Know You Can Share Multiple iPhone/Android Pictures Easily?

We are not sure what the app's name means but KAYAC's Photobag is an app that allows you to share unlimited pictures from your mobile device with your friends. There is no site registration required and all you need is a secret access code to share unlimited pictures with your friends. The catch is that they are only available free for a limited time. After that time, one will need to “feed” their honey bear with some money to access the pictures. We tested this app and it is very simple which is what Nerd Stalkers like. The navigation bar has four settings Download , Upload , History and Settings . Download is for access to your friends pictures via a Photobag "magic" code. Upload is to share the photos with your friends and family. History allows you to look at Pics you have uploaded or download and allows you to invite friends to the service and Settings allow you to invite friends and see how many hour credits you have. You get more free hours of sharing time

iPad, Tips and the Speed Round on Nerd Stalker Tech Week

Download MP3 Your hosts Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) use these stories for our weekly podcast: iPad / AppleTV Sprint iPad shows up in Best Buy's database Who Wants The New IPAD? [infographic] | @drippler Facebook denies accessing users' text messages Facebook Says It’s Not Reading Users’ Text Messages Why are companies defecting from Google Maps? Turner launches an accelerator for media-focused startups Popular mobile game developer Mika Mobile ending support for Android Speed round, what our community is talking about and wants to hear about: Mayor Lee Unveils The San Francisco Open Data Cloud Anonymous' hackers leak Norton AntiVirus source code AT&T's Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 900 launch delayed, now set to debut on April 22nd for $99.99 Yelp is worth $1.5 billi

SF New Tech Mobile Tech Night Recap

The night started with what first appeared like a an odd niche solution for booking conference rooms called Moki Mobility. The solution was essentially you mount an ipad on every conference room at your work and it tells you the availability of the room and you can reserve said room via the ipad right there if its available, kooky no? I thought so too at first until I realized this is just the use case that sits on top of a more powerful device management system and that is the sell, its essentially a platform. The question how can this company differentiate itself in such a crowded space? Share Moki Mobility Moki Touch is simple kiosk management for iPad and Android. Remotely manage, update and monitor tablet kiosks from the cloud with Moki Ma... Mokimobility Share “ mokinetworks administering iOS devices & managing conference room schedules. #sfnt #skiingsbetterinutah Stuart B Richardson 11 hours ago Reply Retweet