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The Weekend Edition

Tech #parenting, we just got a #Koalasafe wifi router to review

First Look - Ninjago at Legoland

SNOWDEN - Official Trailer

Dyson Supersonic dryer quietly blows your hair (and cash)

IdeaSpace - open source content management system for the virtual reality web #cms #vr

Have Software Developers Given Up?

Alien hunters claim Venus has buildings

Open365 Is An Open Source Alternative to Microsoft Office 365

The Weekend Edition

"Magnus" Director Benjamin Rhee on his documentary about the #1 ranked chess player in the world, Magnus Carlsen

CoWatch An affordable smartwatch that integrates Amazon's Alexa

These futuristic driverless pods will run on Singapore's roads by end of the year

11 Apps, Products, and Websites for Earth Day

Thrifty bank's $10 routers lead to $81 million heist

The Gimmick Economy: how central banks pretend software isn't eating the world

The Real Story of How Amazon Built the Echo

Microsoft Just Struck a Major #Blockchain Deal With World's Leading Banks

This Segway-Based Robot Inventories an Entire Store in Less Than an Hour #jobs

Magic Leap releases new Demo Video #VR

The Weekend Edition

Dan Hon-An Internet for Humans Too #iot

Drone racing to hit ESPN this year

Disney Parks Break Ground on 'Star Wars' Land

Seven #UX principles to include in your content that will hook readers

Goals in Google Calendar

Man creates heavy metal version of iconic iPhone ringtone

Watch the first teaser trailer for Marvel's 'Doctor Strange'

Steven Hawking, Mark Zuckerberg and Russian Billionaire to send tiny 'nanocraft' space probes to Alpha Centauri

The Steady UX Diet Versus the Magical #UX Pill

The Digital Canvas Is Here

Blinded by the Light: A Connected Device for Smart Window Blinds #smarthome

Right in our blind spot #ux

Singapore hails driverless taxis #jobs

No Distractions Just Calls and Text Nicely Designed Phone

Why we need a new kind of design discipline for on-demand platforms

Robots work in sync at Amazon warehouses, a sign of things to come and #jobs to leave

The Weekend Edition

A fleet of autonomous trucks drove hundreds of miles across Europe, uh oh #jobs

What sound does this animal make? Google just got better at answering that.

The #Blockchain for Education: An Introduction

4 Tips for Designing Apple Watch Apps #ux

The Birth Of Midcentury Modernism, As Photographed By Its Architects

Ikea has already found a great use for virtual reality

T-Mobile adds new Binge On and Music Freedom partners; launches tablet bundle offer

Heavy metal T-shirts for inoffensive pop stars

Driving Evolutionary Change with the #Kanban Method

This infographic shows which jobs are most likely to become extinct due to robots

The 'Uber moment' for banks is coming - and more than a million people could lose their jobs

The Weekend Edition

New trends in Chinese mobile UIs for 2016 #ux


How Asian test-prep companies quickly penetrated the new SAT