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was up a 4am this morn bouncing

i'm so exhausted, baby was being fussy, wife was burnt so i had to do my pacing time with baby. she loves the bathroom fan, don't know what kind of magic powers it has but it's the last line of defense against baby implosion freak out. heres some updated pix , she's growing like a sprout and her hair seems to be turning brown like her moms.


How do they do it? Rage Against The Machine reunion will cause the end of the world as we know it.

Free Banksy

The almighty artist Banksy whose stuff has been sold for gazillions of dollars by all the celebs has offered lots of his art free for download . Your welcome.

First week back at work

Well it was my first week back at work, wife did ok while I was gone although it was really tough for her one day. When I got home I could tell i had to grab baby quick and do some long time holding even though I was still in work clothes but I was happy to do it. Friday night was cool, got to go to the House of Prime Rib with the fantasy football league ate to the point past where I should have. Again when I got home wife was on her cell calling me for help, perfect timing and I spent the next couple hours walking baby around the loft while wife passed out. Baby has been improving this weekend, sleeping durations seem to be longer, poops more regular, lets hope that trend continues. Big outings for us have been walking her around in the stroller about 10 blocks to the local Starbucks, sitting in the Sun for a bit then racing home before baby loses her mind. Our stroller is the cheapest you can find, we are toying with the idea of getting a nicer one given that walks we take her on are

first bath

Today baby got her first bath, u see ur supposed to only bathe a newborn after the remaining belly button falls off. You can sponge bathe the baby before that but should avoid the area, so we were stoked when we were able to give the submersive bath a try. The doc told us that the bath can go well or can be dramatic like putting a cat in the bathtub. Fortunately for us it went great and she took to it really well. Evenings are tough, it seems she get much more squirmy then and it takes forever for her to get settled. Wish me luck....

I miss Power Computing

Back in the day when Gil Amelio was running Apple he allowed some 3rd party (or beige box) manufacturers license the Mac OS. I actually bought one of these machines by a fantastic company at the time called Power Computing, unfortunately when Steve Jobs got Gil out with a nice board coup he killed this program. I think this was the only major mistake Jobs ever made, however we seem to be at a crossroads here. With the advent of virtualization software it is making specific hardware irrelevant (think vmware or parallels). So what is the logic in trying to stop an oncoming flood? Just open it up and let anyone like Dell or whoever throw OSX on their machines. How did Axiotron come out with this beauty of a tablet mac?

Walking in my hood yesterday

We got out of our cage for a bit to enjoy our hood, little did we know how cold and windy it was but that was not about to stop the 3 of us. Our hood is made up of lots of really great design companies and we happened to stumble upon 2 really great new furniture shops. Cisco Home has an amazing new show room, you would never guess that this innocuous 16th street business would house such a great space. The front of the show room is made up of a nice selection of contemporary pieces where the rear is composed of more traditional wood type stuff. Robert (Sales Associate) tells me they are having a floor sample sale this weekend, so check them out. Right upstairs from Cisco Home is the uber green eco terric store, as their name implies the furniture, flooring, home supplies, and clothing are made up of fair trade environmentally friendly items. They seem very hard core into what they do which is refreshing, there is not alot of color and items are on the pricier side but then again you&

Most expensive Pizza

Yesterday was a bit hectic, Sophia was uber fussy and we couldnt figure out why. We pulled out all the tricks and she was having none of it. Round 4am we figured out it was due to the fact that the remainder of her cord was about to drop. She finally exahusted herself and we got to sleep from 4am-9am, it was heaven. Sure enough her belly button remains dropped out today, very cool. Last night I was craving my fave Bravo Pizza in the ghetto of Geneva/Mission, I ran in to pick up my order but there were no spots so I took the far end of a red zoned bus stop. Of course I see a couple of sf's finest flat foots walking bye then I went running out to explain. My talking saved me the $200 for bus stop parking but they would not budge on the red zone, so my pizza dinner ended up costing me about $95 ummm good pizza, sigh....

Kai Kln is back!!!

I'm walking by the Bottom of the Hill and who do I see playing this sat 1/13/07? The legendary Sacto outfit known as Kai Kln , man I'm so all over this, it's a $10 all ages show starting at 9:30. Note they go on 2nd in a 3 band show, see you there!

Murphys Law

Omg, I’m so exhausted right now, its insane. Wife has been in a lot of bodily healing pain plus feedings plus holding Sophia kills her back. So this morn I made the run to babies r us for more amazing baby crap and then I got the call from our “friend” the massuse that she was sick and could not make it till this weekend. I knew was illin, so I called International Orange and bit the bullet and told them I want an hour for her. This is in the Fillmore, so we make the family drive and I tell wife to have a blissful time. As soon as she gets out of the car, baby begins to flip out, so I give her the pinky. Pinky satisfies for a bit but crying resumes, then I hear the poo, lots of it, no really lots of it. I open my present of exploding everywhere, it was even on her shoulders. Now you have to remember I’m in the back seat of a prius, with a car seat, which means limited, very limited changing space, and the windows are up and its getting hot to boot. I get the gear out and begin the baby

Free UC Berkeley course lectures through iTunes

Now through iTunes, the University of California at Berkeley offers several course lectures on PodCast for free . Choose from topics in Biological Science, Physical Science, Information Science, Natural Resources, Arts, Journalism & Media, and 11 other categories. Eat the rich!

Progressing Nicely

We were seriously just barely treading water in week one, I compare it to those circus people who have multiple plates spinning on tall sticks. First 4 days was brutal, I mean brutal, but now we have moms milk! baby lost some weight which is normal but she lost a bit more than that and that had doc concerned, not good. We were a bit freaked, so doc said to supplement with formula (apparently this is a major taboo, i started a major flame war on craigslist about this), after she finally fed it was like she was high on peyote or something. Crying suddenly stopped, and she slept which meant we slept, which is freakin awesome! We no longer need the formula and things are now rocking, we are on a good schedule with 2 hr sleep intervals every 3hrs. We average about 4-6 hrs a night now which is a vast improvement on our previous meth head like hours. Oh and we now have poo, we got our first monster one last night right after we gave Sophia a sponge bath (ironic i know). I never knew that stuf

My Brest Friend, no really stop laughing

Baby was giving us mass carpal tunnel and getting her in position to grub was a huge pain. I remembered seeing these goofball looking pillow things at Babies R' Us that claimed to cure all that, so I had enough this morn and bolted for the store while I could. All the moms there totally recommended this thing called My Brest Friend , and I must say it truly rocks. If your preggo get one now!

You need this trunk

When traveling on an extended journey sometimes you need more than the comfort of your laptop or iPod. Pinel&Pinel makes a range of essential travel trunks so you can take your office, home cinema, music library or just about anything else you can think of along with you. The trunks are custom finished to your specifications and preferences. The i-Trunk (above left) includes a 20" i-Mac, printer and speakers in addition to storage for all of your desktop needs. The Visio (above right) packs a B&O television and sound system and plenty of storage for your DVD collection. The Soprano (below) holds a B&O stereo and speakers and can accommodate your 480 favorite CDs. All of the trunks are hand made using the finest materials and craftsmanship. Other trunk styles are available, as is a range of bracelets, dog collars, and other accessories.

No more gifts, i beg of u!

If I see another flower or stuffed animal, I will go steven segal and neck snap you. We are on the verge of becoming a rouge wing of the salvation army, so no more gifts that means clothing, used clothing, stuffed animals, chocolates/candies, or any food things cool? Are we cool? No really, I mean it this time, cool. Whats that? you need one more Sophia video? Ok you asked for it, this one is halarious, baby in a bucket.

Sophias First Bath Vid

Normal sized kid, freakish large giant with rubber hands:

Sophia Vid

8lbs, 21" long, she's gonna be a bean pole, my favorite part is how freaked out my mom looks.

Adolfo 2.0 the eagle has landed.

It was amazing, had to wait till wife was ready then whamo only less than an hour of pushing. We had the presidential suite of birthing rooms, I didn't even have to wear scrubs or anything. I saw hair, lots of thick black hair, it went down incredibly smooth, I even got to cut the cord (tmi? too bad). Anyhow we did 3 days at the hospital in our post room had bfast, luch and dinner room service, TV, phone, a gorgeous view, but no wifi (so I was dying on the inside a tad). Big ups to the nurses and staff at cpmc as they rock the house like no other. Leaving was a bit traumatic, parking lot across the street (A-holes) charged me for 3 days, even though 2 of them were holiday and were supposed to be free, then lunch time traffic was crazy in Laurel Village I got honked at when looking for parking at the Walgreens, driving through the tenderloin crack heads is always fun, ahh theres no place like home. Sophia took to both her new cradle and crib like fish to water, she loves it here. We