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Lazy Sunday vid

Yeah i know the chronicles of narnia snl spoof rap vid has been out for a while but it's too damn good. I mean "Mr. Pibb plus Red Vines equals crazy delicious", cmon.

HOWTO: Be more productive

"With all the time you spend watching TV," he tells me, "you could have written a novel by now." Sadly, that's just not the case.... read more  |  digg story

iPod video torrents via one link

This site lists various torrent repositories that have sprung up that are dedicated to letting you download videos for your video enabled iPod. read more  |  digg story

face meats pavement

Do you laugh when people fall ?

merry xmas eve everyone

Been about a week now and my eyes are doing great my vision so far is perfect, Lasik is totally worth it and I highly recommend it to everyone. I'm done wearing my shields at night and glad cause that damn sticky medical tape is gnarly.

F word

I hate all things Microsoft, mainly caused i'm forced to use it at work and I cant afford it at home. So it's refreshing to see web apps via web 2.0 slowly taking over. For instance could you imagine using word and accessing your word documents anywhere in the world where there was internet access? oh and collaborating and sharing them with others? Then you have to try Writely it's pretty awesome.

I got lasik yesterday

Yup so far I'm at 20/15, so freakin awesome. Ok so I've been saving all year using some non taxable money to get the procedure done. Went to see the eye doc who said I was a good candidate for wavefront or intralasik, basically the difference between the two is one uses a blade to cut the flap of the eye back and the other uses a laser to do it. Both use the laser to do the actual correction, essentially the blade can cut a thinner amount back but the laser is virtually failsafe (at least that's how I was sold). I opted for the more expensive procedure which took place in san leandro by dr. turner . He's got a ton of experience and has taught it and was voted best at it by various magazines etc. When it comes down to picking a doc you want someone with lots of experience, not for the actual procedure but rather for the situations when things go wrong. You want someone who's dealt with those sketchy situations and knows how to take the right steps to correct the situ

So Fruits

Oh those wacky Helsinki kids and their freakin cool looks .

The De Young

Went to the De Young museum on Sunday morning and it was incredible. The architecture is so impressive it almost overpowers the art within, couple areas not to be missed are the observation tower, the fabric room w/the drawers, and the super secret sculpture garden room. The food is great and wicked expensive, be ready it takes about 3.5 - 4 hrs to get through it all. Go early to miss the crowds oh and you get a discount with your fast pass or student id so go work it.

NPR has some Great streaming Rock Concerts for free

Death Cab for Cutie, White Stripes, The Shins, Secret Machines, Bloc Party, the Decemberists, Bright Eyes, and Wilco Listen Now ... Some real good stuff in there

What I'm listening to

Rogue Wave's second album, Descended Like Vultures, makes the complex indie stylings of their 2004 debut, Out of the Shadow, seem almost pared-down; here they flesh their sound out with full, almost romantic arrangements. Guitars alternately swell to anthemic proportions and recede into quiet strumming while vocals are similarly well-balanced, weaving their way through tracks and slipping into harmonies. The upshot recalls both vintage Beach Boys and, of course, labelmates The Shins, whom Rogue Wave shared billing with on a North American tour last year. The Oakland-based quartet's lovelorn, slightly literary lyrics, coupled with lead singer Zach Rogue's semi-mournful delivery, and their full, lush guitars hint at a California sound established by bands like, stalwarts of the San Diego scene, Pinback and Heavy Vegetable. Pick up Descended Like Vultures from Sub Pop or iTunes.

I knew it!

Former Canadian Minister Of Defence Asks Canadian Parliament Asked To Hold Hearings On Relations With Alien "Et" Civilizations.

I've scooped em again

Check out this world exclusive Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest Trailer ! This is a direct link and you'll have to download xvid to watch it. :) Have Fun an Have A Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Didn't see SNL last night?

Well a friend of a friend of ours wrote a halarious Steve Jobs sketch, check out the vid . Of other notes we saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Warfield a few days ago and it was pretty good. Not fantastic but pretty good, the downstairs bartenders were making fun of the band (of course they were all sleeve tatooed so they thought they were cooler than you). Oh and the MobMov thing was awesome, Kudos to Brian and Julie for kicking it out. We sat in the middle of nowhere and no one was there at first. So we waited it out and at the last min. they showed up, it was pretty cool no one shows up early cept the newbies. Brian shoots a projector against some wall and leaves his car running the whole time so the has juice for it, the dvd player, and the fm transmitter. He also busts out a huge box of concessions and sodas for only a buck each. He accepts donations for his time but is in no way pushy about it. I highly recommend it.

SF MobMov Tomorrow Night

R u down? It's actually in Berkeley. If so look for my little silver car. Mobmov-Berkeley presents "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" Friday, Nov 18th at 8:00PM Berkeley, CA ********************************************************************** ********************************************************************** Tell us you're coming so we can plan: RSVP . The RSVP link should work now. Please click it if you're coming. See you all tomorrow! Info: ********************************************************************** Location ********************************************************************** Railroad Barrens Map: Our classiest joint with lots of room for all. Head to the corner of 4th and Channing. Turn north for about a quarter block - we're very visible from the road on your left. ********************************************************************** Radio station ****************************

I want to play so bad!

The real life spy/asassin game Street Wars hits SF! One of my coworkers is on the tip and she's already freakin out. You say you want in? Too late lamer, it's full, lets run off to Vienna for the next game. Man this looks like too much fun, bummer I'm gonna miss out. STAY DRY...

A Night with Hank

The other night me and the wife went to The Palace Of Fine Arts to go see a spoken word performance by the legendary Henry Rollins . The talk was amazing he went for almost 3 hours straight, this guy is by far the hardest working man in show business, he's a musician, poet, author, and actor. As most of you know Henry is best known for being one of the singers of the legendary L.A. punk band Black Flag. And he currently sings for a band called The Rollins Band, I'm not the biggest fan of this current band but I appreciate the effort. This guy has been all over the world and has so many fantastic stories about everything from fat car worshipping walmart going middle america to subjecting himself to the horrors of a week long train ride through Siberia Russia. He's also done a ton of work for the USO entertaining our troops in IRAQ even though he is totally Anti Bush. He puts his money where his mouth is and is the true voice of Generation X/Y so go have a listen to some of

beautiful overpopulation

An exhibition of photographs from Michael Wolf's new book, Hong Kong: front door / back door opens today at Colette in Paris and runs through 3 December. Having lived in China for over 10 years, the book is Wolf's third monograph that takes the country as its subject and his images reflect both his intimacy with the city and an objective journalist's eye. The upshot is a collection of photos that are as stunning aesthetically as they are rich in content.

Uber Music

Kim Garrison is playing at the Make Out Room in SF 11/7/05, see you there.

For ur viewing pleasure

I've finally finished commenting all the Vietnam/Cambodia photos , enjoy. Whoops just realized Costco/Snapfish make you register to see them, sorry bout that but there is no way i'm moving that and commenting all those photos elsewhere.

Cambodian Monkey Attack Video

So I've posted a video of a moment when we were in Cambodia and there were monkeys on the side of the road. The locals were feeding them by hand and they were very gentle, but we had a banana and they freak for nanas. Jess was about to feed one that was patiently waiting, then alpha male comes at her blindspot for the steal as you will see in this briefly scary then hilarious video .

rolling out of bed

ok so I woke at 4:30am an improvement on the pain of 2:30am yesterday. i've got alot more to catch up on in terms of the ride home from Sappa and the whole Cambodia section, i know i know. in the meantime a cool link. Time Out magazine and Deaf Dumb & Blind Communications are launching The Other Side today. Unlike other travel guides you've seen before these guides are hosted by native DJs who not only curate a CD with music that gives a vibe of the city, they also serve as the hosts of the DVD, which features video tours of must-see and must-do things that are slightly off the radar. Clever. The first three city guides (The Other Side of New York featuring Fischerspooner, The Other Side of London featuring Damian Lazarus and The Other Side of Paris featuring Black Strobe) drop today. Expect another three cities every six months. Produced by URBANATION which have additional content on their site.

my clock is off

we woke up this morn at 2:30am and could not go back to sleep, so here I am, jess cooked us a fat american breakfast and now she's ironing. When the hell are we going to get back to normal? First day of work should be interesting, looks like i'm gonna be dog piled. Downloaded all our photos and movies, gotta tag them all then i'll post a link soon. I've had a raging headache for 2 days now, nothing that starbucks can't fix, ah my first starbucks in way too long.

lost my notebook

Shizer! I lost my notebook on the plane to Cambodia, so bummed as I'm going to have to remember all the little things by memory. I left off in Sapa, I'll continue soon but fyi we are now in Cambodia. Let me start off by saying Ankor, Cambodia is the best kept secret of Asia, it blows the doors off of Vietnam, the people are amazingly warm and beyond freaking cool. The Sofitel here in Ankor is so sick and luxurious you have to see it to believe it. I've got to run to bed but in a nutshell, 2 street lights in town, ox walking next to streets, monkeys nearby walking around, the temples are so tomb raider surreal, monks walking around, every one smiling and bowing....zzzzz

clean dirty clean

We have to leave the comforts of our beloved Sofitel Metropole hotel in Hanoi for the hellish Vietnam train system to Sapa. Our conierge tells Emily someone will meet us on our train with her return ticket, of course that never happens, fortunately she will be reimbursed by the Sofitel when she gets back. We get to the train station in Hanoi and there is a flurry of activity, we are the dear in the headlight suckers and as soon as they take our tickets some crackhead looking kid takes Emily's giant rolling duffle bag and leads us to our train which is hidden behind another train. Rolling our luggage over the tracks and keeping up with Opiumboy is a challenge. He leads us into our jail cell sized cabin and demands 50kDong, I look at Emily and she thinks that is absurd. I offer him 20k he refuses and demands 50k, I cave and offer 30, again he refuses. Emily tells me to drop the money on the bunk and ignore him, he picks up the money and slams it on the bunk and demands 50k. Emily te

Bed bugs bite

We just arrived in the mountain top town of Sappa, by far my favorite place in Vietnam. Fewer people, fewer street hustlers (but not by much), and less traffic. Our last night in Hanoi we went to see a water puppet show that was the highlight of the stay. We then took a cyclo around the old quarter which is essentially the tightest streets packed with people and ministores, very blade runner. I finally figured out if a woman is riding a nice Vespa she is a prostitute as quality of scooters reflect status and wealth. The humid heat in Hanoi was beyond explanation, essentially you walk out the hotel door and your sweating instantly. I'm useless in the day and at night it's not cool but rather warm and sticky. The cities of Vietnam are like trying to function in a greenhouse full of smog. We eat dinner at a place called the City View Cafe overlooking a mini lake that people walk around. After we jump into a cab to pick up some outfits that were custom made for Jess and Em. Turns o

Hanoi Rocks

Yesterday we went to a market in Saigon, the market was essentially an open warehouse filled with a packed maze of various products, clothing, and food. It feels like having a pillow pressed on your face while someone points a blowdryer at you. The vendors tap your arm and ask you what you want, it's a bit aggressive by our standards but no harm or offense is intended or taken. You walk down endless isles, if you can call them that, that have enough room for one person to walk down and they are crowded with people, you are constantly walking sideways as you try to avoid stepping on the vendors that are crouched down eating pho. We get overheated and claustrophobia in a short amount of time and need to get out to the street where the cyclo drivers barrage us with offers for rides. Everyone is trying to make a buck, and the Vietnamese people are tenacious to make a sale they keep coming at you even if you say no, the trick is to ignore or say no about 5 times. There is no peace in Sa

Last day in Saigon

Yesterday we did a tour of the Me Kong Delta it was a sobering change to the half day Saigon tour we did yesterday which was essentially a military history tour that left you pretty shaken (I would avoid the war atrocities part its way too graphic). Me Kong was beautiful, tranquil, and relaxing. We took a car there and you can see how development is in it's infant stage here but about to explode. The roads are beginging to improve and luxury apartment buildings skeletons are popping up yet right next to that there are shacks where people live and work out of what looks to be a garage type box in sweltering heat. On the side of the road I saw a 50 something woman with 3 cages stacked, the bottom with full of live rats, the middle had live pigeons, and the top cage was full of live snakes. We finally get to the delta where we are met by street vendors running at our car to sell us traditional hats and photos of the delta in broken English, we buy 2 hats at a buck each. Our guide walk

Safe in Saigon

So the wife and myself arrived here in Saigon today via Tapai China. I feel like i've been at some all night rave and its the next evening and i cant figure out if i should sleep or drink more coffee. I'm still in work mode and i'm worrying how my loose ends are getting tied at present. Anyhow its humid and crowded here, kinda like a dirty new york in shorts. The first thing you notice is the insane amount of scooters, they move like a living organism. Crossing the street here is playing the lotto with your life each time. So much for the relaxing vacation so far, but it's really exciting. There does seem to be quite a bit of pollution and things are just kinda dirty in some places but it seems with the new influx of money (via tourism etc..) things are definately on the up and up. I'm seeing neon billboards everywhere and small businesses are thriving, very exciting from an economical perspective. Gonna do some touring tomorrow as tonight was a stroll around the ho

i'm off to vietnam

and cambodia via Taipai China, crazy huh? Get busy livin or get busy dying... I'll be updating the blog from any internet cafes i can find. -Adolfo

10 Super Foods U Should Never eat!

shit #1 is my favorite, read more .

October should deliver new iPods, Pro machines

Several pieces of evidence suggest that Apple is preparing new product introductions for next month, primarily new hard disk drive (HDD) iPods and professional Macs. Like the nano, Apple's fifth-generation HDD iPods are expected to gain an Apple-designed click-wheel and see a significant reduction in overall size and volume. ( read more )...

Webzine 2005

Super cheap and awesome event you have to go check out the details here .

hella funny home made hp ad

this kid made a great home made commercial and his faces are halarious.

It's official Apple starting a video store

Oh la la but i want the player to be announced grrrrr.

2d 3d yet more amazing images

Yeah these are 2d street art paintings that look incredibly 3d

halarious goth photos

if only the world was goth, just imagine .


I freakin love iptv, i think this will make alot of people quit using cable. NerdTV is a Charlie Rose like show that is backed by PBS, they interview very interesting tech legends. In their first episode they interview one of my personal hero's Andy Hertzfeld, a must watch for any open source or Apple enthusiast.

Spiderman 3' Villains Revealed!!

FreezeDriedMovies reported a rumor about the indentities of the three villains in Sam Raimi's upcoming third Spider-Man movie. The villains will be played by Topher Grace, Thomas Haden Church and James Franco.


A mobile movie guerilla drive-in in Berkeley, CA

Apple's Big Announcement

Apple has sent out invitations to a "Special Music Event" to be held at 10:00AM in the Moscone Center West in San Fransisco on September 7th.. Why wait till Wed? New Products: - Cingular will announce an iTunes compatible phone - the "Rocker" - New 2GB ipod called the "Nano" - it will sport a color screen and will be much smaller and thinner than a mini. Price = $199 No video ipod.. Thanks Kevin

TWIT Live at the SF Apple Store

Just got back from TWIT 's first attempt at a live podcast, it was held at the SF Apple store and it kinda sucked for most of the live audience. The content might be cool, but we could not hear shit or see shit. Some genius (no pun intended) sat them at ground level, and did not project them. Considering it was standing room only this was pretty lame, hopefully the next effort will be better.

CNN Weatherman Loses His Cool

This is a video of a CNN weatherman that loses his cool while covering Hurricane Katrina. Things seem a little "tense" for him.

Give Katrina Victims $1 For Free

Go to the site, click the check box, and hit donate. Clorox is sponsering it.

I like free

The band "The Propellerheads" were making this great music making software. However development for the product has now stopped, so in honor of it's demise they are giving it away for FREE .

NPR finally offering hella podcasts

Its beta but its fresh .

Rockstar made the best game

Remember my cult classic favorite movie? Yeah thats right The Warriors has been made for the PS2.

Street Art

Streetsy is a new online mag that displays some of the finest street art around

Get your food on

25 of the most healthiest foods or something like that, yum .

Incredible Art

By Roberto Parada , my fave is Homer Simpson as a human.

Sign this to stop the A-holes, Dogs Rule

As you may already know from the news media, the Center for Biologic Diversity, with Brent Plater as their chief spokesperson, has filed a petition with the National Park Service requesting action within 60 days to ban off-leash recreation in all the GGNRA. The legitimacy of off-leash recreation in the GGNRA as described in the 1979 Pet Policy was affirmed by Magistrate La Porte last fall, and re-affirmed by Judge Alsup more recently when the GGNRA lost their appeal. Despite the government attorney's denying that an "emergency" existed at the time of the appeal, those organizations who signed on to an amicus brief authored by Brent Plater of the Center for Biologic Diversity, have signed a petition again authored by Brent Plater of the CBD. You have an opportunity to let the various officials of the National Park Service know how outraged you are with this petition, and the obvious intent of these groups to torpedo the upcoming Negotiated Rulemaking. The Ocean Beach Do

Evacuations Ordered in SF Financial District

There was an explosion right by my work, we are pretty sketched. PG&E are saying it wasn't their stuff which makes it extra freaky. read more  |  digg story

Aeon Flux movie trailer download

Check it out here .

Mike Tyson quotes

Someone has put together a great wiki of lots of insane Mike Tyson quotes .

Things in Rubbers

Just brilliant , this one is called "Gummy Bears on Soap", god I'm such a boy.

Bart/Subway maps for your IPOD

Cute little subway/Bart maps for your ipod photo for free, pretty handy.

Internet TV

Revision 3 has some super cool geek shows for the net check it .

200 free secret tips

Totally random kick ass tips

Bottled water is bs

As a confirmed bottled-water nut, it was sobering to read Tom Standage's excellent NYT piece on the total absence of any benefits to drinking bottled water over tap water -- it's not better for you, doesn't taste better, and is rotten for the environment.

I can't believe it's not not cgi

Stunning computer graphic rendered images.

Vid of DEA agent shooting himself in the foot

then he continues his lecture limping, freakin ironic what he says before the bullet goes through his foot.

Do these make my ass look big?

Gap is giving a free iTunes download when you try on a pair of jeans.

We Jam Econo

Saw a very interesting flic last night about the legendary so cal punk band The Minutemen . " We Jam Econo " brings together a ton of old footage with commentary from some of the greats.

Drop some knowledge

Room to Read is an amazing non profit that my buddy Emily works at. They go to some gnarly places in this messed up world and make it good check it out and if you feel inclined kick down or at least spread the word.

Microsoft actually did something almost cool

MS has incubated a company called who has been making some cool rss/ajax stuff. Very impressive drag and drop features and extremely fast.

How to fold a dollar into a shirt

My right sleeve got kind of hosed, impress ur friends.

Scanner Darkly Trailer

on the quicktime website looks amazing.

SF Grafitti finally gets some props

in this movie. We live in the shadow of the East coast but there is some amazing SF work to be seen.

This is the part in Sprocket ven ve dance

One day I will have a house that looks like a pretentious art gallery, check out these unique faucets .

Tenacious D Movie Site Is Up

Penetrator !

Just got back from Kings Of Leon

first night in San Francisco's Fillmore. Missed the opening band but caught the never ending Jesus Mary Chain rip off band called The Secret Machines . As my buddy Frank said, "That was the longest hour of my life". It was all freaking light show, if this band had no light show it would have sucked even worse. They seemed like they may be good cd music, but definately not a live band. Ok so getting to Kings of Leon, they put a solid performance in with all the usual stuff plus a new song. They gave their obligatory, "You guys make last nights place look like d-bags" blah blah blah. I got a great Fillmore poster too, oh forgot to mention the stumbling drunk irish guy behind me who yelled/spat the whole time like he was the singer for Celtic Frost or something.

Everyone is talkin bout this keyboard

The Optimus keyboard has L.e.d buttons which can have unique images on them take a look .

Damn U Sharper Image

I was so about to buy one of those Air Purifiers cause I live next to a freeway, but turns out they are crap and unhealthy.

Skype goes wireless

Oh la la i'm such a VOIP groupie, cant wait to get on it .


Finally a photostitcher that requires you to do almost nothing to make it work, pretty nice.

Build your own projector system

Pretty damn clever .

website of beauty

The photography and creativity of the Visionaire site is so very. Oh and turn off your pop up blocker for it.

When cats fly

all kinds of insano gravity defying going on's.

New drug blocks HIV from entering cells

This will be an incredible tool if it makes it live.

Opera adds bit torrent

In their new browser pretty nice, if they improve the css support it could be a contender.

I love CSS

and other new and efficient ways to create websites, well the folks at Reboot have selected the winners for 2005 go take a look.

Mommy, baby wants weather!!!!

No really David Lynch himself is giving daily weather reports from his place, too damn cool.

I am the batman

Rumor has it Sean Penn is in talks to be the next Joker.

Laugh till u cry

Do you love to eat? Do you laugh at the sorrows of others? Then Crying While Eating is for you, oh and it's just bizarro halarious.

Good listen

Yet another Brooklyn art rock band but The Cloud Room really have the chops, they r my current fave band.

Small is the new big

This is the projector the micronauts used, I must have one. This tiny projector from Mitsubishi is the first of many to use a small DLP chipset to make a tiny, easily-pocketable projector (it’s a nascent trend this year). Two things make the ‘Pocket LED DLP’ possible, and one of them is the new superbright LED backlight that makes this unit not only more power efficient, but let susceptible to the bangs of transport.

I love boy bands

ok not really but "OK GO" would be my fave, the dancing is amazing. Check out the vid .

Oh man I hope this is true

Looks like a development group wants to pull eminent domain on Justice Souters ass, karma baby.

2157 photos of the Mermaid Parade at Coney Island

This looks like it would have been way fun and come on Burning Man is so 2000.

Typeset drawing

Thanks to Mary for this flash goodie it's called Typedrawing created by our friends at need I say more?

The Greatest Poker Player

There is a book out about Stu Ungar the best poker/gin player ever. Stu was the most extreme character I've ever read about, give it a look .

Lets go to Nebraska now

I would kill to see clouds like these .

Finally a sub $800 media center system

Gateway just announced this long awaited system and it actually looks decent.

Billy Corgan Says He Wants To Re-Form Smashing Pumpkins

They went out in a good way, has anyone really listened to much Zwan or his solo stuff? Yeah me neither, I saw SP do a rehersal show once in a gymnasium at the end of Height st. and it was incredible. Look forward to the possibility of a return .

Look who's back

I'm so there! Dinosaur Jr. The Fillmore San Francisco, CA Thursday, August 18 at 9:00 PM On Sale Sunday, June 26 at 10:00 AM

Film Frame will stump you

My buddy John (I know he's gonna hate the "buddy" reference) has a weekly-ish game called " Film Frame " (or at least that's what the top of the page says). In this game you get a frame from a movie and who ever figures it out first is cooler than you. Good luck.

F iTunes DRM

I hate the iTunes Store Digital Rights Management, if you've ever tried sharing your music with others you get the lock down. With JHymn DRM goes bye bye, hmmmwhahahahaha

You like this, I like that, We like these

I know most of you are not as cool as me and wish you were, well now theres help. Check out Liveplasma a great music, movie, reference type site.


Yep they did it very cool online video phone courtesy of our hero's at Skype .

Free version of Linspire

Linspire the company that used to be Lindows, is a nice Linux os that goes for 50 bucks but you can legally download it free.

Click Red

This flash based game is my new crack, dear got I can't get past tiny square first level arghhhh!

Find more drunks like you!

Alcoholix social networking never got better, and import some bars while your at it.

Dr. Octapaw

well almost, 6 legged doggy found cute yet freaky.

Junk Design

Tiffany creates beauty from all the things we take for granted and throw away, I dig the egg crate table.

John Daker: Internet Super Star!

and he probably doesn't even know it! According to the FAQ on the website, "My Name is John Daker", these unintentionally hilarious video clips are from a public access television show. On the show, the Daker and friends gather to sing songs and tell jokes. Bob Spencer (pictured on the left) sings "I left my heart in San Francisco", and the "Amazing Pearl Gross" performs a smashing comedy routine that will leave you in stitches! Check out " My Name is John Daker " and archive the videos before the server crumbles. Enjoy!

The Great Swindle

Swindle magazine is almost as cool as my blog, almost.

Office Prank Examples

I'm plotting against you and you know who you are.

Bloc Party Live Tonight

One of my fave new bands "Bloc Party" are playing live tonight on NPR check it out .

F the police

When I was 16 I did the brilliant thing and got a candy apple red T-top camero z28. Needless to say I went through tickets like kleenex, I could have used something like this .

It's all about the Ivan Henrys

Old school pix of bands wearing matching outfits.

Save NPR & PBS this time it's for real

The House is threatening to eliminate all public funding for NPR and PBS, starting with "Sesame Street," "Reading Rainbow" and other commercial-free children's shows. I hate petitions too but come on do it .

I'm still laughing

Spamusement takes spam email subject lines as inspiration for halarious drawings, u have to see this.

Ur female, 30, and not married yet? Uh oh

I hate it when I hear idiots say that to women, but I it's funny when women actually believe it (You know who you are!). Anyhow if you want to stoke the flames of fear check out the cat lady action figures .

Tom Cruise is a freak

Free Katie now .

Apple computer: Is Piracy the Pathway to Profits?

Interesting article from Apple Matters.

A better cheaper place for tech books

Book pool is a cool company with the best prices, much respect.

Cool link YubNub

Tired of saving your web favorites locally? YubNub is an Internet command line tool that allows you to assign "commands" (think keyword shortcuts) to any URL you like. For example, type in "/." and YubNub directs you to "adolfo" catapults you to this very page (I created it myself, naturally). As long as your command isn't already taken, you could dream up whatever little interweb nicknames you desire, assign them to your favorite URLs, and they'll be consistent no matter what computer you hop onto. Check out the current command list to see what others are adding, and then add YubNub to your Firefox search bar .

Cuba must suck

Wow this group fashioned a cuban cab into a boat to get the hell away from Fidel.

I'm embarrased to admit it