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Apture - Nerd Stalker #15

We interview Tristan Harris CEO of Apture in San Francisco. Tristan is an incredibly bright guy, you talk to him for a bit and your eager to go try Apture out. They have created an incredibly easy to use web based editor for sites to add a rich multimedia type of experience. You do all this by highlighting or selecting areas of your site and Apture literally does the rest. Tristan compares the Apture process to painting a story in a much deeper enriching way. A great point he makes in the interview is the comparison of remembering Microsoft Encarta and what a rich "multimedia" like experience cdroms gave us back in the day, an experience we have been missing on the web. Tristan says that Apture is delivering this rich experience for the web now and I have to say that I agree with him.

Yahoo! Open Strategy Developer Launch - Nerd Stalker #14

Nerd Stalker attends the great Snap Summit in San Francisco to cover the breaking Yahoo! Open Strategy Developer Launch. We speak with Senior Product Manager Cody Simms who unveils some very powerful tools for developers. It's obvious that Yahoo is serious about creating an open platform and finally unifying the various Yahoo properties. Key components of the Yahoo! Open Strategy (Y!OS) are now open to you. Build applications on Yahoo! using the Yahoo! Application Platform. Make your sites more social with the Yahoo! Social Platform. Query, filter, and combine data with Yahoo! Query Language (YQL)..

Snap Summit Live Blog

Baynote - Nerd Stalker #13

Another quick video interview (2:30 mins) from the Mashable Monthly SF party, we speak with Baynote Sales Development rep Krystel Ariel. The Baynote Collective Intelligence Platform™ delivers on-demand recommendations and social search for websites. Businesses use Baynote to automatically display the best content and products to website visitors.

Rudder - Nerd Stalker #12

Nerd Stalker short (3 mins) interview with the CEO of Rudder Nikhil Roy, rudder sends custom financial info to you via email. Rudder is designed to minimize the effort required in managing your money. Whether you pay all your bills systematically from one checking account or have more credit cards than your wallet/ purse can fit, Rudder helps you stay on top of your finances.

WeAre.Us - Nerd Stalker #11

We meet the head of community management for WeAre.Us Stephen Doogan . They are a social support network, patient-led, positive, and private health communities dedicated to patients, family, friends, and caregivers of those coping with chronic, life-shaping illnesses and conditions. They come across very sincere and passionate about the mission, very inspirational.

Pete Cashmore - Mashable - Nerd Stalker #10

Nerd Stalker attends the Mashable Monthly SF and was lucky enough to get a really great sit down with a surprisingly accessible Mashable founder Pete Cashmore . This was another one of those interviews that was packed full of awesome content, it was brutal to make any edits. Pete gives us the rundown on several topics like: The state of Mashable His beginnings The Mashable roadmap The economy and how it will effect start ups What is Mashable Monthly and more...

BlueHaze - Nerd Stalker #9

The music theme continues, we interview founder of BlueHaze Mark Shedletsky. At first glance I thought BlueHaze was a simple company that sends you concert notifications, but that was a gross underestimation. BlueHaze gives the concert goer a 360 degree beginning, during, and after experience. BlueHaze is getting quite a bit of buzz as of late, with an iPhone, Facebook, and web solution to: Find local concerts. Get tour alerts from your favorite artists. See what shows your friends are seeing. Post your concert photos and reviews Keep track of your own personal Tour History. Discover new music.