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Adobe Design Center is Now Live

The Adobe Design Center . Explore feature stories, get inspired by fellow designers, and find out more about your favorite Adobe® Creative Suite® software, including Photoshop®, Illustrator®, and InDesign®, as well as other creative tools like Adobe Digital Publishing Suite and Muse (code name).

Boxee Live TV answers Roku stick product

From the Boxee blog, "Boxee 1.5 rolls out to Boxee Boxes today and Boxee Live TV tuners have begun shipping!   Order one now for your Boxee Box ! With the addition of Live TV, the Boxee Box holds the distinction of being the only mainstream set top box that blends both over the air (OTA) broadcast TV with Internet content (over the top or OTT). We believe the OTT+OTA combo is the best way to get the most entertainment while paying only for the stuff you want to watch. If you missed our earlier posts on  Live TV / Cutting the Cord , and our  Facebook integration  – the gist goes something like this: the way we want to watch video has drastically changed over the last 10 years.  We want to devour seasons all at once.  We want to watch the same video on our TV, tablet, phone, and treadmill.  We want to be able to watch in our homes, on an airplane, in our offices, and wherever else we might end up.  We want to bookmark things for later.  We want mainstream shows along wit

SeatMe Disrupts the Restaurant Business

SeatMe  is a 13 person San Francisco startup that, "started as an idea jotted on a notes app in early February of 2011". They are another one of these startups i've seen who are taking on in house, software/hardware dependent, overpriced, entrenched systems and turn them on their heads. In this case its the restaurant business, when SeatMe was in recent stealth mode I had thought they were nothing more than another reservation system (and yes they do offer a reservation system which is quite nice and straightforward) but thankfully they are much more than that. SeatMe seems to be initially targeting "Front of house Management", "Hospitality" and "Cost" issues of these old in house systems and offering a slick, lightweight, native iOS iPad app to do this all in. We have yet to confirm if the restaurant is responsible in some way for purchasing the ipad or not. SeatMe has already partnered with three great San Francisco restaurants Txoko,

Luxury is dead, Vevo jumping, Rude Phones and more.

Nerd Stalker Tech Week - Jan 22 2012 Facebook in talks to replace YouTube as Vevo's Know your phone, or else: The case of the philharmonic interruptor @geekwire Teenagers Sharing Passwords as Show of Affection Jerry Yang's Decision to Leave Yahoo Was His Own -- Even If It Was Inevitable Look at what Apps Google is killing now Microsoft acknowledges Xbox 360 color space problem in last update... | @scoopitvia @engadget Layoffs Underway at Gilt Groupe Right Now: 'General Atmosphere Is Terrifying' Why Google's Search+ Is a Bigger Deal than You Think Adolfo's Tip - iBoostUp Cleans Out Your Mac's System File Clutter in a Minute Social Greg's Drippler Tip - Ten One Design's Magnus will make your iPad stand up straight!... via @drippler  Node Summit is a two-day co

Cyanogenmod is cool, sopa zzz, chinese cant get iphone? and rupert hates google

Download MP3 Nerd Stalker weekly tech podcast White House come out against SOPA, Rupert Murdoch comes out against the White House for coming out against SOPA, China is crazy for the iPhone 4s, screw pure android go Cyanogen, Samsung goes with another OS? and more.

Look at what Apps Google "killed" now

From the Google Blog, "As we head into 2012, we’ve been sticking to some old resolutions—the need to focus on building amazing products that millions of people love to use every day. That means taking a hard look at products that replicate other features, haven’t achieved the promise we had hoped for or can’t be properly integrated into the overall Google experience. Here’s an update on some products that will be merged, open-sourced, or phased out in the coming months: Google Message Continuity (GMC): In December 2010 we launched an email disaster recovery product for enterprise customers that use Google's cloud to back up emails originally sent or received in an on-premise, Microsoft Exchange system. In the time since we launched, we've seen hundreds of businesses sign up for it. By comparison, in that same time, we've seen millions of businesses move entirely to the cloud with Google Apps, benefitting from disaster recovery capabilities built directly into App

Nerd Stalker Techweek Product Review: SIRI Like Apps for Android

Greg Viloria aka @SocialGreg tests Iris, from Dexetra and Speaktoit Assistant from Speaktoit LLC. I tested the the apps with basic questions like What is the weather like?, Where is the nearest Chinese Restaurant?, and Calling a friend and more. Check it out my review and listen what some of the responses to the questions and who came out on top. [Note: Several updates have been published since and we will update this in the next month]

Apple Apple Apple Marcia Marcia Marcia!

Download MP3 Why Apple is in no hurry to settle its iPhone patent suits Apple asks Chinese Co. to cease production plans for Steve Jobs figurine, claim... via @ 9to5mac  Samsung vs. Google Fake Siri arrives on the Android Market via @ ubergizmo Then disappears - Google Removes Siri for Android From the Market | @ scoopit via @ NxtMobilePhones Ubuntu TV & Opera making its debut at CES, gets short demo clip -- Engadget Rumored Apple iTV Could Be the Real Threat to Netflix | @ scoopit via @ MediaPost Apple may open stores inside 25 Target locations Tomorrow: 2-Day Coding Contest to Win Interviews at Facebook, Quora & More via @ TechCocktail Critics rave for Windows Phone -- but who's buying? Social Greg’s tip: The Roku Streaming Stick Makes A Regular TV A Smart TV vi

Nerd Stalker Interview - Social Curation and FLUD 2.0 with Bobby Ghoshal of FLUD News

Interview with Bobby Ghoshal , CEO & Co-founder of FLUD News. FLUD is one of the leading social content curation app for iPhone / iPad. Mr. Ghoshal talks about FLUD 2.0 - the company's new app release and some of the background to its development. He also touches on the future of curation.

Frank Chimero - The Shape of Design