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Jason Fried on Design

Jason Fried on Design Open Jason Fried on Design on NextSlide

The Gilt of Wine Invino

Nerd Stalker interviews President / Co-Founder of Invino , Tony Westfall . Based in the heart of Sonoma’s Wine Country, invino sources wine from around the globe to give members access to top producers and emerging brands with preferred pricing at up to 70% off retail. Hand-picked wines selected by a Tasting Panel, sales events launch daily, with wines available exclusively to members for 24-72 hours on average. Guaranteed to be the best price on the web, there’s no better source for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. These guys will show you how to buy wine online, and just in time for the Oscars.

Scan To The Cloud Doxie Unboxing

Nerd Stalker unboxing if the ultra portable Doxie scanner. This is a great little scanner for the home or travelling it's uber small, light and powered by usb. Great for documents and images our favorite option for the Doxie is it's ability to save to several cloud based options (Evernote being our favorite).

Learning from Science Fiction Interfaces

Macworld 2011 Feature Presentation: Learning from Science Fiction Interfaces Nathan Shedroff, Program Chair, MBA in Design Strategy, California College of the Arts Chris Noessel, Director of Interaction Design, Cooper Read More

Business Pledge One Job

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) Imagine what could happen if every business in America could pledge just one job. Read more

Socia Data Revolution SF New Tech

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) Join us as SF New Tech peels back the curtain on the “Social Data Revolution” to learn why life as we know it will never be the same. On February 23rd, Andreas Weigend, former Chief Scientist for Amazon, will keynote and lead an all-star panel about the life- and business-changing ramifications of the proliferation of social data — the Social Data Revolution. Panelists: Eric Ly, Founder & CEO, Presdo; Co-Founder, LinkedIn Christian Wiklund, CEO, Skout Joe Stump, Co-Founder & CTO, SimpleGeo Lars Leckie, Partner, Hummer Winblad

Consumers don’t want to engage with brands on Facebook and Twitter

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) ""The headline could read “Consumers don’t want to engage with brands”. But brands do want to engage with consumers so it’s going to happen. A provocative statement perhaps but one that we should take to heart. I would take it one step further and postulate that consumers don’t even want to be called consumers. What I mean specifically is that they might want to buy a BMW, but they don’t immediately want to be put in the category and marketing bucket of BMW-owner. They might want to grab a Starbucks coffee on the way to work but that shouldn’t immediately default them into the ‘high-end coffee purchaser’ category. If we do think of ourselves in this way it is because we are aware of marketing and how it works."" - Select the image to read more

A Twitter Address Book? Hashable

(3 mins) Nerd Stalker interview with CEO of Hashable , Michael Yavonditte . Post (and share) who you meet with and introduce Show an accurate network of who you connect with the most Dynamic 'relationship book' updated with everyone you meet Discover new people by seeing who your friends are meeting

Manymoon Acquired by

Clipped from: ( share this clip ) Congrats to our friends at Manymoon!