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I f'ing love xmas!

Adobe Envy


Green Festival Recap


Empire R Us

Catalog Choice it's FREE


The Darjeeling Limited

I want a pre fab for xmas

anti piracy ad with a twist

Mutsy Spider Stroller

New Bugaboo Bee Stroller Creepy Musical

Maximize your water use.

Miss South Carolina Tubes Map

Break out the tissue.

New Coen Brothers Movie

Cate Blanchette as Dylan

Tin Foil Hat?

Send a murder news scene

Making the Broken

Daft Punk Movie Trailer


Watch it while you can, Iron Man trailer

Flight of the Conchords

Bush Administration sigh....

New bedness

Buffest Dog I Have Ever Seen [PIC]

Babies Lie!

i love a good lie

am i a hippy?

Putting Energy Hogs in the Home on a Strict Low-Power Diet

Steam Punk

The YouTube of Poker

Sweet biz cards

mr. mom

These kids rock the freakin house

Help to stop the big coal give away

Baby Flip

I want to kick my own ass.

Breakdancing Baby

Hello Kitty

I lika da Method

Still evolving?


To Live and Die in LA

SF is on a green roll

T line I hate you

chore boy

Mix07 Day 3 Morning

Mix07 day 1 part 2 Las Vegas

Mix07 Day 1

2nd day in Vegas

New Harry Potter Trailer Nerdlings

Mac mini htpc part 4

Sci Fi love watch it while you can

Thomas Friedman Awesome Vid

The Landlord

New Bourne Movie Aug. 3! Trip out


Save People

LBJ Ordered Assassination of JFK Says Hunt On Deathbed

Mac mini htpc part 3

Nice new Mac app

Mini HTPC Part 2

Thanks to Anita for this one.

mac mini htpc

Pet Peeve 3.14

Yet another new parent tip - new gear


Rage Against the Machine in SF

Air Guitar


Band of Horses



I've heard these so many times

Jose Parla

F Fox

Vivian Westwood exhibit

to the

Lovecraft has a commercial

Save NPR and PBS from Bush Attack

Gimme 10cc's of something stat!

i want to be him

was up a 4am this morn bouncing


Free Banksy

First week back at work

first bath

I miss Power Computing

Walking in my hood yesterday

Most expensive Pizza

Kai Kln is back!!!