Mac mini htpc part 4

I've rediscovered that when you go to any non apple store you get lots of misleading and incorrect answers to any mac related questions you have. So I'm at the point where I'm ready to connect the mini audio to my bose system. The mini has a optical out option, but the jack can be used for either optical or your regular 3/4" headphone jack. So I went to Radio Shack to look for a cheap optical to RCA cable as my old bose only takes RCA. Radio Shack tells me only the Apple store has such a cable, and that Apple likes to make things you can only get at the Apple Store (bs), I know they don't know what theyre talking about so i'm off to Best Buy. Best Buy tells me essentially the same crap so i'm finally off to the Apple Store. I park far far away from the Apple Store and make the trek, they tell me theres to such cable and that going optical to RCA makes no sense anyhow so I may as well go 3/4" to RCA. They show me the cable they have which sells for $30, I smile and say thanks knowing I can get the same thing for $19 at Radio Shack. I get to Radio Shack and as I'm walking in some woman is barking about how she'll never shop there again and that these people are useless, funny thing is she's right. I smile to the inept cashier and as I'm leaving I see a homeless guy walk in talking to himself, then as I'm walking to my car I see the same homeless guy walking away from the store with a rather large box in front of him. He totally ripped some big thing off, very brazen, to top it off he passed a chp car that was parked in the lot.

So I finally get home exhausted after what should have been a 15min trip to Radio Shack and hook up my mini audio to my bose in an instant and it works perfect. All I have left to do is install more ram, you see earlier i bought the wrong ram for it and should be getting the correct chips in tomorrow, then all that is left is for me to buy a firewire external drive to move my music, photos, and videos too. One thing thats been bugging me a bit is how loud the mini is, it's pretty damn noticeable when the hard drive is spinning. Also the wireless throughput for something like iTunes streaming radio is crap, looks like I may have to connect it by ethernet cable which is a bit of a bummer.


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