Mix07 Day 1

So i'm at the Microsoft Mix conference here in Vegas and there is quite a buzz in the air here. Started with a great band that sounded like a mesh between oingo boingo and devotchka. Then Rey Ozzie took the stage to deliver the new path of microsoft, in short it's that for now there is going to be a connection between web and client apps as one is not dominating the other. Then he hyped Silverlight, which is squarely aimed at Flash and Flash video, looked nice but it's beta till the summer 1.0 release. They mentioned something called Photosynth for some uber powerful online photo zooming. Scott Guthrie then took over and mentioned Silverlight has a streaming option, a cross platform .net framework (yes runs on mac), demo's available for download starting today, silverlight.live.com free vid hosting/streaming, multi browser support, and support for virtually all programming languages.

They are seeing a 300-1000% speed increase over using javascript. They showed demos running nicely on firefox running on a mac. They had demos from netflix with regard to video streaming, cbs with video upload and streaming, and Metaliq. Michael Arrington from Techcrunch.com did a lame Q & A with Rey and Scott that most people left from at the end of the keynote. Ok i'm off to more stuff more to come.


Just Josh said…
mI expected a much better interview from Arrington there at the end. I can't say I wasn't disappointed that I hung around for it.

Back to the band that played at the beginning though... No one I am with has ever even heard of Devotchka! Recently called the "best band you've never heard of," I wasn't surprised. Still, I wondered if it was them. Did anyone else think they were animatronic?! If not Devotchka (who'd have been at least a man short) then who are these guys and will we see them again?

If you missed the LINQ presentation with Anders Hejlsberg, you missed the best talk of the day. Not only is the subject matter just fascinating, but Anders himself was visibly excited by the topic. He was so animated and energetic even as he coded most of the time. Now, I know that this was not the first time he's given this presentation. I think I saw the same one on Channel 9 or somewhere like that, but to witness it in person was thrilling.

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