Mini HTPC Part 2

So the mac mini was delivered the next day i bought it via fedex even though i picked free shipping cause it was so close in Sacramento, kick ass. Problem is we were not home to receive it so I had to wait 2 days and got it today. I'm already cruising dealram to buy a couple chips to bump it up from 512k to 2gb of ram. I'm also having a distant thought of replacing the 80gb sata hd with something bigger. In the short term I'll buy or build an external giant drive.

So I've been looking into the pvr solutions for the mini at first I was sold on the elgato solutions but after reading amazon reviews I'm gonna do more investigating. One big issue is that the remote that comes with the elgato will not control my directv box thus forcing me to use it like I was using my old vcr. That is keeping it on channel 3, telling the elgato to record at various times but selecting the shows via the directv box a bit of a pain but better than a monthly fee? not sold yet. Tivo is starting to look better and better, none the less I want Front Row on my TV and that will happen just as soon as I get the right cable to let my mac and old non hdtv talk via svid, wish me luck.


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