ICE nabs domains, worst passwords, html5, android eats android

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  • Authorities seize 131 domains associated with piracy and counterfeiting | via @VentureBeat 
  • "Worst passwords" of 2011 
  • Hotel-owners blackmailed with bad TripAdvisor reviews for not offering freebies via @TheNextWeb 
  • AppMobi open sources its mobile HTML5 technology
  • Will HTML5 kill mobile apps? | @scoopit via @adnetasia 
  • Amazon Kindle May Be Damaged By Airport Scanners [Kindle] via @gizmodo 
  • Amazon will take over Android app distribution 
  • Adolfos tip - Greenfoot Provides a Visual Playground to Help Learn Java
  • Greg’s tip - daily deals for geeks 
  • Next SF New Tech reminder - Dec 7 Mobile 
  • China Innovators - Dec 8 at Asia Society code btrax-vip25


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