Anything is Possible - Bulletproof Conference Bio-hack Your Life Opens Today

Today, the Nerd Stalker crew was honored to attend the first Bulletproof Conference - The State of High Performance "Biohack your Life." This conference is a little different than the typical tech scene we frequent here in SF Tech. Dave Asprey, the founder of The Bulletproof Executive, and his staff kicked off this three day conference today (Jan. 17-19) at the Jones Bar & Restaurant in San Francisco. This conference has been forming itself in the back of Dave's mind for several years, and now it has become a reality.

"Anything is Possible"

This conference, judging from the first day, is just not your typical self-motivation, rah-rah conference. "Bio-hack your life" is indeed - "life changing." To give you a sense, Jay Schroeder and his sidekick Charles Maka from EVO Sport presented some amazing personal life changing stories. Jay, a survivor of paralysis, has found a way to harness the power of the will and mind where "Anything is Possible."

Jay and Charles has found a way to apply the learnings of their life to create a unique system to bring world class athletes and the common "vanilla" person to their goals. Better yet, they have some real technology that helps you get to your ultimate goal and performance.

So, stay tuned. Please follow the Nerd Stalker crew as they will be giving the day-by-day blow at this inaugural conference with some unique interviews and stories.


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