Entrepreneur "Love Boat" Sets Sail Today

Love cruises? Love Startups? Well, you can do both. Today, marks the maiden voyage of Unreasonble At Sea where 14 entrepreneurs travel through 14 countries over a 100 day period. Unreasonable At Sea is a mentor-driven accelerator for tech-entrepreneurs who desire to take their ventures into new international markets, and they choose to work exclusively with entrepreneurs working on social and environmental challenges. These entrepreneurs have been chosen because their ideas will help the global challenges affecting the world. 

The Beginnings

Luke Jones, the Chief of Staff of Semester at Sea reached out to Daniel Epstein,founder of the Unreasonable Institute, Daniel had a desire to take the lessons he learned at the Institute into international waters. They agreed the opportunity to take some of the world’s most promising tech companies, who were leveraging business to solve serious social and environmental challenges, and put them on a ship was the opportunity they couldn't pass up. Luke and Daniel teamed up with George Kembel, the founder of Stanford’s d.school, and together they committed to launching what you see today - Unreasonable at Sea.

The Voyage

Unreasonable At Sea sets sail today from Ensenada, Mexico. They will stop in 8 Asian seaports and end the voyage in Barcelona  Spain. So what are the entrepreneurs going to do to accelerate their ideas. Each entrepreneur will be allowed to bring core members of their team. In each of the 14 countries, the entrepreneurs will be asked to experiment in taking their technologies to market their and will be connected to local government officials, foundations and VCs. Hong Kong apparently will be a special port as a Round Table discussion with VCs / Angels about China will be held.

On board, each entrepreneur will be mentored by a number of world-class serial entrepreneurs and innovators and participate in the intensive accelerator led by the founders and co-founder at Stanford's d-school. Check out the overview video below.

The Nerd Stalker crew hopes to catch up with the founders and some start-ups at the end of the voyage in Barcelona. Please stay tuned for updates.


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