Live Blogging from Macworld/iWorld 2013: Day One Starts with Jobs

Hello from the Nerd Stalker gang at Macworld / iWorld. We were busy this AM on day one of the opening of Macworld / iWorld.

Ashton Kucher Talks about the Movie "Jobs"

Opened the day with a press briefing on the new movie about to be released in April called "Jobs". Josh Gad (Steve Wozniak) and Ashton Kucher (Steve Jobs) talked about their roles and learnings.

Take away quote form Ashton Kucher's press conference: "There is no virtue in saying no to things that are easy, saying no to the hard things is called "focus." Here is a movie trailer released this week.

What we are doing at Macworld / iWorld?

Well, we will be doing articles on music @ Macworld as well as video interviews and audio interviews of interesting things at Macworld.

Be sure to catch our MacWorld/iWorld interviews over the new few days of unique startups and entrepreneurs. If you haven't bought tickets yet, get them here.


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