Can You "Think Like Zuck" - Interview with Ekaterina Walter

Nerd Stalker's Greg Viloria aka SocialGreg was honored to spend some time with Ekaterina Walter, social innovator at Intel and author of Wall Street Journal's Best Selling book "Think Like Zuck". Greg sat down with Ekaterina at New People in SF Japantown and interviewed her on her new book. Ekaterina explains how Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg works as organization and leadership interdependence culminating with the success that Facebook has seen to date. This book covers not only Facebook but other companies as examples of companies that start with two or three people and become great.

"I wanted to look at companies that have been around awhile and small businesses that people that don't know about and look at a thread across all of them plus my personal experience at a big brand and look at the things that are unique to Zuckerberg and those things that are present in other companies that come from nothing to become great engaged companies and great products"

"My purpose was to pick out those business principles and leadership principles that really impacted companies described in the book"

"There are a lot of factors that play an important role in success of a new venture..."Think Like Zuck" is more of a mentality a philiosophy of a leader who is passionate, who leads with purpose, who builds great products, who brings in great people and who partners with the right people."

SocialGreg's Uptake

Ekaterina really puts together a book that entrepreneurs and people who work in startups can identify in this new business world. She takes a look not only at companies that have been around a while but some small companies that we know nothing of and found common factors that made them successful like passion, purpose, product, people and partnerships. This book has great examples to hit the message home. Most books that are popular have elements like identification, meaningful and timely to the reader. Ekaterina's book is a great example of all these elements. Go out and be that great leader and create a great organization. This is a must read and a keeper for your library.

"Think Like Zuck" is available at mhprofessional.comBarnes and Noble or in e-reader versions at  iTunes, Amazon/Kindle.

You can get in contact with Ekatarina through her website here.

I want to thank Seiji Horibuchi and Manami Iiboshi of New People, Inc for allowing me to use their beautiful facilities at SF Japantown.


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