Interview: 5 Ways To Simplify Your Day with Johan Gunnars

Johan Gunnars Explains In-depth How to Simplify Your Day with the Simpliday App

Simpliday App centralizes 
Earlier this month, Johan Gunnars shared his advice on "5 Ways to Simplify Your Day." Recently, we sat down with him and did a deep dive on the five ways people need to simplify their day to make room for more balance, sanity and happiness in their lives. Johan "talks the talk" and "walks the walk." This comes from years of being an entrepreneur and consulting growing companies. Johan also shares how his Simpliday App helps bring balance, productivity and sanity to your digital life. Check out his interview below!

"Write stuff down because you not going to remember"

"Be specific means you can understand it two weeks from now"

"Share the things for the thing that matter with people who care about you...will get things done"

"We have this misconception that if we write everything down I going to get everything done"


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