The Humpday Must Watch: A Real-life Iron Man Glove Does Exist

Wired Tries Out the Ultimate Maker Iron Man Glove

We review the Iron man video by the The Scene's Wired Channel
Iron Man Glove replicated by serious maker (photo courtesy of The Scene/Wired)

What happens when you turn a maker on to a high power laser? Thanks to Conde Nast Entertainment's The Scene for a fun look at all the things that are possible when wielding the powerful Iron Man glove with a blue 3W laser(3000x more powerful than a laser pointer). The Iron Man glove was designed and built by Patrick Priebe of Laser GadgetsWIRED tested a real-life Iron Man glove. Here’s a look at all the everyday things (balloons, lighting a match, lighting a candle, etc.) that they subjected to this powerful glove. Check out the video!


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