Just got back from Kings Of Leon

first night in San Francisco's Fillmore. Missed the opening band but caught the never ending Jesus Mary Chain rip off band called The Secret Machines. As my buddy Frank said, "That was the longest hour of my life". It was all freaking light show, if this band had no light show it would have sucked even worse. They seemed like they may be good cd music, but definately not a live band. Ok so getting to Kings of Leon, they put a solid performance in with all the usual stuff plus a new song. They gave their obligatory, "You guys make last nights place look like d-bags" blah blah blah. I got a great Fillmore poster too, oh forgot to mention the stumbling drunk irish guy behind me who yelled/spat the whole time like he was the singer for Celtic Frost or something.


kim garrison said…
no wonder you were stalking me today in a stupor!

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