Didn't see SNL last night?

Well a friend of a friend of ours wrote a halarious Steve Jobs sketch, check out the vid.

Of other notes we saw Death Cab for Cutie at the Warfield a few days ago and it was pretty good. Not fantastic but pretty good, the downstairs bartenders were making fun of the band (of course they were all sleeve tatooed so they thought they were cooler than you).

Oh and the MobMov thing was awesome, Kudos to Brian and Julie for kicking it out. We sat in the middle of nowhere and no one was there at first. So we waited it out and at the last min. they showed up, it was pretty cool no one shows up early cept the newbies. Brian shoots a projector against some wall and leaves his car running the whole time so the has juice for it, the dvd player, and the fm transmitter. He also busts out a huge box of concessions and sodas for only a buck each. He accepts donations for his time but is in no way pushy about it. I highly recommend it.


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