Baby dont want out

Can u blame it? On the good news we finally have a bit of dialation, earliest arrival could be tomorrow but likely to be later. Wife wants it out pronto, can't blame her, sleep has been at a premium but i think thats just training for whats to come.

Saw Scanner Darkly today, it was great, why this movie has not exploded is pretty typical of the general movie viewing audience. P.K. Dick was a genius sci fi was so under rated although this story has a lot more to offer than some dumb space opera, a must see.

Oh god and have you guys seen the trailer for the new fantastic 4 movie coming out in june 07? I know I know, i get nauseas just thinking about the first movie but man they introduce the silver surfer in this one and he looks amazing. yeah i too predict the story and actors will be garbage but eh.


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