Adolfo 2.0 the eagle has landed.

It was amazing, had to wait till wife was ready then whamo only less than an hour of pushing. We had the presidential suite of birthing rooms, I didn't even have to wear scrubs or anything. I saw hair, lots of thick black hair, it went down incredibly smooth, I even got to cut the cord (tmi? too bad). Anyhow we did 3 days at the hospital in our post room had bfast, luch and dinner room service, TV, phone, a gorgeous view, but no wifi (so I was dying on the inside a tad). Big ups to the nurses and staff at cpmc as they rock the house like no other. Leaving was a bit traumatic, parking lot across the street (A-holes) charged me for 3 days, even though 2 of them were holiday and were supposed to be free, then lunch time traffic was crazy in Laurel Village I got honked at when looking for parking at the Walgreens, driving through the tenderloin crack heads is always fun, ahh theres no place like home. Sophia took to both her new cradle and crib like fish to water, she loves it here. We are all exhausted and will say hit to you all when we can come up for air, thanks for all your love and support we really needed/need it zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. And of course here are some quick non photoshop'd pix.


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