mr. mom

I never understood how Michael Keaton could ever get a leading role in a movie. So I'm on day 2 of watching the baby full time till mom aka (day care) gets back in little over a week. So far i'm a solid 6 on a scale of 10, but i'm trying so we shall see. I'm not good in heat and man Potrero Hill has been hot as hell (for san francisco anyhow) so me and baby have been all sweaty and yucky, please fog come back please. I'm still a bit too shy to go into the park with the other nannies and few parents, but I'll muster up the courage soon i'm sure as they already know baby.

So I finally got around to watching the Apple WWDC keynote, not too thrilling, reminded me of what Linux has been doing for some time now but for FREE. I swear if Linux ever becomes more user friendly they or web based os's will take over the world. Web development for the iPhone was intriguing though, aside from that it was very meh. I mean who really uses coverflow to begin with? uh yeah thought so.

My friend J just sent me a halarious entry on Chris Angel aka Mindfreak. C'mon mindfreak? wtf! I saw a ton of these types living around the Russian River growing pot and selling bead trinkets to get by, mindfreak my ass.


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