Northern California Music Scene The Neglected History

I'm always disappointed when I see things like mid to late punk music scene movies, dvd's and notice that they never seem to cover northern california bands. It always seems to stop at the Dead Kennedy's, but the thing is there was a thriving music scene in Northern California (hint hint movie makers and authors!). Ignoring the importance of one of the most overlooked bands of that area Victims Family can never be forgiven. Fortunately Gabe Meline does a really nice job with the limited amount of space he has of covering some of that treasured history. I've got (almost) nothing but fond memories of that era and everyone that participated in stoking that artistic fire. I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a part of it. Now go read Gabe's article and then create something, anything.


Anonymous said…
ahh dewdahh I still have my "When the Tough Get Going demo tape". got puppets?

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