Oosah - Nerd Stalker #24

(5 mins) Oosah is a simple, easy-to-use, but feature rich "Web 2.0" content hosting site. They give you one spot on the Web where you can manage all of your digital media content - photos, videos, and music/audio files. It is designed to be easy enough for novice users to use, while at the same time providing features that even the advanced user can appreciate. Oosah is a fully Web-based application, there is no Oosah application or code that you need to download or install on your Mac or PC (minus the optional screen grab application).

Dan Khasis (CTO) demoed the application for us at a mashable monthly party in San Francisco. I was really impressed how once you had assets uploaded you could drag and drop media from service to service. Unfortunately Flickr connectivity has been removed since Sept. 08 and I would strongly urge them to get that back in the feature set asap. A fantastic fact is that they give you 1 Terabyte for free! http://www.oosah.com


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