ScrumNinja, Cause Anything Ninja Is Cool #58

Nerd Stalker interview with ScrumNinja co-founder David Lowenfels at the 2009 FailCon conference in San Francisco.

ScrumNinja is an elegant, intuitive, easy to use agile project tracking web or server application. From the ScrumNinja site:

"Deliver the goods

ScrumNinja empowers you to deliver the goods. Your management, product owners, and customers get what they want, and you get what you want—an elegant, intuitive tool that doesn’t create obstacles for your creativity and flow.

Wield the sword of simplicity

ScrumNinja was designed with conceptual integrity as its foremost goal—it does simple things very well. It retains the intuitive simplicity of index cards while providing the benefit of real-time updates and automated metrics.

Engage your people

Collaboration and interaction are the heart and soul of agile. ScrumNinja’s intuitive user interface makes your team’s contributions instantly visible and understandable to each other, as well as to management—resulting in a more dynamic and proactive team. Unlike many tools that just get in the way, ScrumNinja’s refined workflow cuts to the chase of collaboration.

Respond confidently to change

ScrumNinja’s tracking capabilities keep your finger on the pulse of your project, allowing you to spot trends and be confident about the project decisions you make.

Deploy to suit your environment

ScrumNinja is available as a hosted application on our SSL-secured servers, or as a licensed software product that can be installed on-site."

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