Apples secret weapon is the iPad 1 not the iPad 2

All the media is abuzz over the iPad 2 release today, both Apple lovers and haters are justifying or dismissing it's impact in the tech world. Among all this chatter a majority of the media seem be missing a huge point, only focusing on iPad 2 sales, the competition should be very and I mean very worried about iPad 1 sales, yes I said iPad 1 sales.

You are now going to see a slew of iPad 1's on Craigslist and eBay and this is gold for Apple and more importantly to them iOS. Let's think about this for a second, consumers will see the base $499 iPad 2 price and many of them will turn and look at the secondary market and will find iPad 1's for even less. The iPad 1 is a proven device and for those who don't really need cameras in it, suddenly the iPad 1 becomes a very compelling and "affordable" choice.


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