Why Microsoft Bought Skype

"If Microsoft is to continue to grow and have an existence post-PC it has to be first or second in the mobile market, Ballmer knows that. Buying Skype doesn’t guarantee Microsoft that success, but NOT buying Skype would have practically guaranteed Microsoft’s failure.

And the $8.5 billion price? That was effectively set by Google, not Microsoft. Ballmer would have paid anything for Skype. $8.5 billion is just the price at which Google feels it is better for them to build rather than buy.

So look for heavy activity in this space as Microsoft assimilates and Google constructs. More acquisitions will come for both companies along with any number of strategic realignments. But remember that neither is actually in control. The conclusion is not only far from certain, there’s still a chance that neither company will dominate.
This is not an end-game, not yet." - Select image above for full story.


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