SwiftKey X Beta for Android is no longer Beta

We are huge fans of SwiftKey X beta for Android so it's great news to hear from the CMO of TouchType, Joe Braidwood announcing the official release.


Today is one year since we first launched a SwiftKey beta on the Android
Market. Wow, what a year it's been!

To mark the occasion, we're launching two new apps out of beta -- SwiftKey
X, for Android phones, and SwiftKey Tablet X, for Android tablets. Making
these apps wouldn't have been possible without all the incredible feedback
we've received from you all. Thank you.

To celebrate SwiftKey's 'first birthday', we're giving SwiftKey X for
phones away as a free upgrade to folks who bought SwiftKey on the Android
Market in the last year. We're also making SwiftKey X and SwiftKey Tablet X
available for just $1.99 to new customers -- over half off each app --
until Saturday at 6am PDT.

Please share these fantastic new apps with everyone using the link
http://skx.me/apps and help us make this launch as successful as possible.
We rely on our most important users like you to continue to make SwiftKey
and the technology behind it such a great success.

Kind regards,

Joe Braidwood
Chief Marketing Officer,


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