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The team is excited to announce the availability of the new Theme Roller for jQuery Mobile tool, developed by Adobe’s very own Tyler Benziger, in conjunction with the fine, and very talented, folks from the Filament Group.
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If you’ve used the Theme Roller for jQuery UI, the tool should feel very familiar to you, but there are a few enhancements worth mentioning. Aside from building a theme and downloading it for yourself, you can generate a URL for your theme and share it with others. Simply pass the URL along to your friends/co-workers, and once they load it, they can edit or download the theme you created. Another great feature is the ability to import your theme CSS directly into the tool for updating/editing at a later date. This comes in quite handy when you need to make a slight tweak or add more swatches as you make changes to your existing jQuery Mobile application.
Kuler Integration Screenshot
The last feature we’re especially excited about is the integration with Adobe’s Kuler App Service, which gives you access to the library of color sets created by designers within the Adobe Community. You can search for color sets by color, view the most popular or most recent, or even get random suggestions to help spark your creativity.
The Theme Roller for jQuery Mobile source is open and available on Git Hub:
Give Theme Roller a spin and be sure to give us feedback. You can file enhancement requests and issues in the project issue tracker:
For more details on this release, be sure to check out the official jQuery Mobile blog post:


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