G Media Center, Vevo Crime, Valley is Hiring, Path Whoops

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Your hosts Adolfo Foronda (@nerdstalker) and Greg Viloria (@SocialGreg) use these stories for our weekly podcast:

Google Is Making a Home Entertainment System, Complete with Streaming Music and Smartphone Remote Control http://bit.ly/zOdoeL

VEVO Execs Must Face Criminal Charges For Copyright Infringement bit.ly/y0c0nY

Silicon Valley Recovering Faster Than Nation http://on.wsj.com/y0Uvz7

Ooops... CEO apologizes after #Path uploads contact lists. bit.ly/wiA3Ec

Will Car-Sharing Networks Change the Way We Travel? http://is.gd/GS08Lo

Freelancers, Alone No More: Coworking Is Going Big Business ow.ly/1FPKXP

Social Greg’s Tip of the Week:
Get Up to 4.5GB of Extra Space on Dropbox for Uploading Photos and Videos bit.ly/AhInXN

Adolfo’s Tip of the Week:
Waze for iPhone Offers Voice Control for Hands-Free Operation While Driving waze.com


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