Sports Recruiting Finally Levels the Playing Field by Going Social

Spring is here and we just about completed the first month of the major league baseball season. If you have a budding baseball player who wants to play college baseball but don't know where to start, you may want to continue reading this. We were pleased to sit down and talk with Brenton Sullivan, CEO and co-founder of FieldLevel. FieldLevel is a recruiting social network that helps coaches connect to help that baseball player find a program or help that college program find that player that will bring it to the next level. Brenton talks about how FieldLevel enhances the current recruiting system.

Relieving the Coach's Burden and Keeping Recruitment Competitive

"It (Fieldlevel) started out as a personal pain in the recruiting process...I was sitting in USC's campus in 2007 with Kai Sato and looked at how athletes were being recruited and said there has to be a better way, technology at that time was evolving and there was a paradigm shift in recruiting..."

"Our team was always been producing a lot of really advanced advanced technology and we really made a shift from a data management platform to a social network because the teachers on our platform a need to connect with once another..."

"Field level is private social network for coaches and what most athletes and their parents don't realize that the key to their recruitment is their coach. We empower their coach to connect with college recruiters and vouch for their athletes."

SocialGreg's Uptake

From the outside, college athletic recruiting seems like "black" art. If your high school coach or club sports coach that is connected to college programs it could be great but if he or she is not, for most other athletes it could be a long road of showcases, hiring recruiting services, highlight reel creation and for most a money drain with no guarantee of return on investment. What FieldLevel is attempting to accomplish is to give some context to add more connections to coaches to make connections to college recruiters and also to get college recruiter a competitive edge.

So many "vertical" social networks are popping up like FieldLevel. This is a great example of conversion and enhancement of an old process using a social network and the technology of the web and mobile to help recruiting. It is free for athletes, coaches and recruiters to join. Worth a look if you are an aspiring baseball player looking for a college program.

If you want to learn more visit FieldLevel's website, follow them on Twitter, fan them on Facebook.


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