Free Airport Parking with FlightCar - Review

We take out for a Nerd Stalker secret review, listen to our findings.

FlightCar lets people parking at the airport rent their vehicles out to other travelers. Every rental is insured up to $1 million, and every renter is pre-screened. Depending on the type and model year of the vehicle, you can also make up to $20/day in cash. They pick you up and drop you off curbside and give you a free car wash. If you rent with them, they throw in a free GPS and free insurance.


Unknown said…
This is a very promising service but if I were the owner, I wouldn't lend my car. I couldn't just let anyone drive my own car especially strangers. Renting other cars would be fun though even if it takes following all their demands. :)
Anonymous said…
Do you have this rental plan in effect at RSW?

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